Are you alone? Feeling trapped, abandoned and life seems meaningless? Your soul is exhausted, and you feel weak and unsure what direction your life is taking you?

Perhaps your soul has no energy left to drive in a career or lifestyle that is not meant for you anymore? Or, in other words, your mind, body and soul is out of alignment, and it is time to be aligned.

Perhaps you are awaking from an illusionary life and transforming into something greater, stronger, wiser, fearless, beautiful and authentic. The time for that process to occur has been happening and is only beginning to grow stronger inside.

This is time for healing your energy. Check my services page for more information.

The willingness to transform oneself and the desire to serve for the highest good for all is the ultimate aim of an awakened person.

An awakened or awakening person is always searching for meaning, higher purpose, life purpose, true passion, calling, and constantly strives to live a Grounded~Upward~Inward Life – GUILIFE.

GUILife transcends you from living a fear-based life to a love-based purpose driven life. It is for those who want to be in flow with themselves, in flow with the universe, and in alignment with their purpose in life.

It is a feeling of being successful and living a conscious lifestyle by following your divine design; accepting and knowing who you are, knowing what unique gifts, genius, talents you possess, and then spreading and sharing it to the 3-dimensional world.

By leading a GUILife style one attains a balance both outward and inward; and can expand the awareness of what it means to be a holistic, meta, or complete human being.

You begin to live a detached life as you surrender to the flow of events. It is possible but you need to learn the difference between living life in a detached, lazy, meaningless way which can be materialistic, living in your comfort zone and an illusion; or detached, aligned and meaningful way which can be spiritual, authentic, successful and honoring your gifts in all areas of your life such as work, relationships, etc.

The later approach to life brings true prosperity, contentment and balance, whereas the former brings wealth without happiness and a false sense of contentment and spiritual ego.

All mystics and saints ask us to go within and find the treasure, yet we seek it outside and are growing more miserable. We need to turn within, and this website is to guide you what it actually means to do so. We are asked to let go and surrender, yet we don’t understand what it means. We are told about grace, but we don’t understand how.

As a coach, I help clarify these self-doubts, self-pity, self-worth, self-esteem issues that are holding you back from your success. For your authentic self to shine, you need to be self-empowered and willing to ride the wave and commit to knowing and being your higher self.

You need to feel responsible and take first step forward into the journey of unknown. It requires leap of faith, and then losing control over your life, so that you let the Source take control – surrender requires letting go of your control. There is tremendous power and wisdom in not knowing what to do. That is when we truly realize that we are not the doer and there is no free will. We are then divinely guided and learn to go with the flow..

This is the answer to one of the most profound questions “how can we be of this world and yet not be of it?” In other words, to live in this three-dimensional world in a detached yet balanced growth mindset with the evolving energy of the fifth dimensional world carrying unconditional love and compassion within ourselves.

So are you willing to expand your horizons and be a holistic human being? Do you feel called for something and keep seeking it? If yes, then you are on the awakening journey of your life as human being or becoming.

It is an awesome time to learn how to upgrade your life from a boring, fearful, depressing, meaningless, and burnt-out life to a meaningful, peaceful, abundant, healthy, happy life full of love and compassion.

Luckily, there are various tools and techniques available to modernize and balance your life in this mainstream society.

Let’s begin your journey of transformation now with one simple question:

If you feel this is your last life, are burnt out, feel like an old soul, life feels meaningless, what do you really, really, really want?

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