12 Spiritual Life Lessons For Soul Growth

“You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed, but the way you respond has. This is true energy self mastery.”

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Our soul grows spiritually by exploring numerous life lessons one after another. Day in and day out you are challenging yourself unconsciously to grow. But are you aware of these life lessons?

Soul growth comes from learning, applying, changing; and then questioning why we are doing what we are doing. When we start to question our own life, its purpose, environment, relationships, careers, circumstances, the very stories we are living, then we start to awaken spiritually.

Spiritual Awakening is a very gradual process and occurs when you understand what lessons you are learning and pass those tests in life. Your worst triggers are your best lessons in life. Every pain is here to teach you a lesson. I have posted some additional lessons here. Should I leave my job during Spiritual Awakening? and 5 Questions on Synchronicity: Universe’s real-time alert notification

As an example, if you are stuck in your comfort zone or the daily grind, then the lesson is to assert your courage, willpower, and enthusiasm to come out of it. Do not repress your feelings due to fear of change. The lesson is to gain mastery and evolve by taking that leap of faith, taking that bold “first step” to move past that hurdle. Whether it is feeling stuck in a limited belief pattern related to career, relationships, money, personality, environment, or any arena of life you choose to play the game and learn lessons from in your human suit!

Ask yourself each time: what spiritual lesson my soul is learning from the specific circumstance I’m in. Try answering these questions below as food for thought. These 12 spiritual life lesson questions for soul growth will help as a start.

Spiritual Life Lesson #1: Perfectionism

Am I trying to be perfect? I should be earning this certification in 3 years? I should be in this career or be promoted in 1 year? I should have an A or a 100 score in a game? Can you forgive yourself if you are unable to achieve perfection? Can you live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life now and not hurry with unrealistic timeframes?

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Spiritual Life lesson #2: Avoiding conflicts

Am I running away from conflicts at work, relationships, careers instead of solving them? Am I avoiding something such as a new job or transition to a new career so that I can always be in my comfort zone? Facing your worse fears can teach you much more than running away from them. Step out of your comfort zone and do something non-career related to start with.

Spiritual Life Lesson #3: Worrying about your image

Am I tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, pretty, handsome, rich, poor? Am I INFJ or other MBTI type, Old soul, Wanderer, HSP or highly sensitive person, Empath? Am I having any limiting beliefs about myself inside or out? Am I an image worrier! Talk yourself into appreciating yourself often. Love yourself. You were, are, and will be what you fear most. Stop worrying and enjoy the human journey.

Spiritual Life Lesson #4: Let go, surrender, contentment, peace, and love

Am I holding onto something like a desire, thought, resentment, regret, emotion, or a physical object? Am I content, peaceful, and loving my life right now? The more you start loving something or someone, the more you will start letting it go. To find contentment and peace, just surrender and watch how the magical event unfolds.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #5: I’m not worthy or good enough

Am I not worthy of being rich? Am I not worthy of that promotion? Am I not good enough to be receiving abundance in the form of love, relationships, health, wealth? Being worthy is a choice that needs an inner voice. Your inner voice. Think and you will be worthy and it is good enough.

Spiritual Life Lesson #6: Rich people are bad people

Am I limiting my belief that rich people are inherently bad and I should therefore not be rich? Am I limiting my belief that money is bad? Money is a neutral tool. Utilize money in doing good deeds, open a charity or donation center, and simply be a good human being. Many rich people do that.

Spiritual Life Lesson #7: Comparison

Am I comparing myself to someone or something? Am I buying something just because another person has it? Am I comparing myself with my colleagues and or friends? Am I as successful as my neighbor?

Comparison creates shame, guilt, fear, depression, anxiety, stress, and possible death of your self-love inside or a loved one outside. 

Mindless comparison never ends until you end it. It brings you down to a negative and the lowest level of human consciousness.

Just remember that you are a unique eternal soul on a unique journey with a unique set of karmas. You came to earth school with enough life lessons to learn of your own. Just remember to do your classwork or homework without copying or comparing other’s work. 

Spiritual Life Lesson #8: Analysis Paralysis

Am I analyzing too many thoughts and going nowhere? Am I analyzing too many situations and not able to come up with a solution leading to not being able to meet any goals in a few days, months, or even years? When you are unable to stop overwhelming thoughts, just take a breather.

Spiritual Life Lesson #9: Learning to receive or give

Am I willing to receive as much as I’m willing to give and vice-versa? Am I stopping myself and blocking my success when the universe is giving me in abundance? There will be times when your good deeds will come to an end, and the bad ones too. Sometimes it is hard to give but it is equally hard to receive if you are being too humble. Be willing to accept the abundance that is coming your way.

Spiritual Life Lesson #10: Gratitude

Am I thanking enough and daily? Am I giving enough credit to myself and the source for all the good that is happening around me? An attitude of gratitude brings love, compassion, contentment, and peace by slowly eliminating anxiety, fear of the unknown, depression, comparison and analysis/paralysis.

In turn, gratitude brings your mind to a state of being – in the present moment – one of the most powerful states to operate at this physical three-dimensional density. Just be willing to give thanks and you will witness wonders.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #11: Depression, Anxiety or Fear of Unknown

Am I living a life in fear of the unknown without any reason? Am I in a constant state of fear feeling as if I have an exam tomorrow and I’m not prepared for it? Am I anxious to know what lies tomorrow and depressed as a result? Am I living in a state of suppressing my desires whether it be life or death?

If you are in this state currently, then it is time you examine your life very deeply. These are signs that you are now required to raise your vibrations. You can do that by being grateful for what you have and start by examining your life.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #12: I know or Willingness to listen

Do you realize that your ego prevents you from the willingness to know more when you say, “I know”? Did you say, “I know what these 12 spiritual life lessons are while you were reading them”?

Did you catch the deep hidden messages and realize that these spiritual lessons tend to change your level of consciousness and raise the vibrations of this planet? If not, then be willing to learn, check, and change yourself. It is best to remain silent if you know and just listen anyway.

But what if you really know? Then, exercise patience. Recognize that it is a test of patience. Are you willing to be patient? Maybe it is time to breathe and your lesson is to be willing to accept just that – be patient.

So a willing attitude changes us instantaneously from a negative pride-state of inflated ego to an optimistic positive-state of being. With constant and consistent practice it will ultimately bring you to a higher state of consciousness i.e. peace.


In conclusion, we learned there are various spiritual life lessons to learn and grow from. The aforementioned series of questions can help guide you as to where your lessons can be found whether it be a career, relationships, health, etc. Doing so helps us steer our life towards being in our desired state -long term happiness. This implies being contented with life and being at peace.

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