3 Checks and Change: Examine Your Life For Lessons Now

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

The Buddha

Let us examine our life now. We are rapidly progressing more and more in all areas of advancements – big computerized houses, robots, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, auto-driven cars, etc.

But then we are also growing in dis-eases with challenging mindsets, exceedingly high egos, mindless attitudes, overwhelming comparisons, thankless attitudes and so on.

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Quest for more is not quenched even during the final days as advanced booking for the most desired funeral is opted for to show-off a very fancy style death.

The person at the death bed is choosing to sleep in his coffin with a gold chain and ample of gold coins in his hands in the hopes of taking that precious hard-earned worth to play with after death. It is still time to perform 3 checks and change in your life!

Check and Change #1: Examine your life

We are accumulating infinite worth to live a finite number of breaths. Simply put, we don’t need that much. Do you see the lesson here? A perfect example is of a King named Alexander the Great. He won all the battles and all the riches of his lifetime. But eventually felt all this to be meaningless.

So he wanted to show the world that there is no need or end to this craving. After his death, his both hands were empty, outside the coffin to teach us a lesson that you will eventually leave empty-handed.

That was then and this is now – where people are still in hopes and are still living mindlessly and organizing fancy deaths. So spiritual lesson is of desire for more but what are we trying to achieve eventually?

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Check and Change #2: More is less and less is more

What are we trying to achieve? Happiness? If you are not happy now, then you will not be happy later. Besides, with some material gains, we can be happy now but that momently happiness or excitement will leave you empty after a short period of time. This applies to all areas of life: wealth, health, relationships, and career.

What we are trying to achieve is a state of peace and contentment. That state of being. Just being in that present moment. Being able to do more with less.

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According to Pareto’s 80/20 principle, we just need that 20% of things in life that will give us 80% of that state of peace and contentment. We are currently running after 80% of things that are giving us only 20% of satisfaction. In turn, causing all sorts of energy drainage in the form of depression, anxiety, fear of all sorts.

Check and Change #3: Energy drainage is a dis-ease with a message

We are running our lives in a state of dis-ease instead of ease. It is a state of mental disorder. We have become more depressed which is a sign from the universe at an emotional level.

This is a form of negative energy that is invading your aura to teach you something. It is a lower level vibration that is trying to say something to you. There is a hidden encrypted message.

If you are trying to achieve something in life and you are not able to, then you may keep trying. But if you are seeing a repeated pattern of failure and getting deeply depressed, then witness it as the first step and understand that some change is required.

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People are instead turning towards change to end their life and commit suicide. It is a time to step-up but in a different direction. Use your free-will instead of exiting from your free-will. Examine your life.

Perhaps, your soul is growing exceedingly and your material mind is not able to catch up or accept this change or simply not decipher this encrypted message.

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to witness these alerts from the universe? Are you willing to read what the message contains for you? Reflecting on these questions will help you put your mind from a mindless to a mindful state of existence.


Examine your life now. Check to see if it requires change. Check and change your habit by applying Pareto’s 80/20 principle. Find the message in those areas that are causing your energy to drain. Reflect on the three checks and change in every way and every day.

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