4 Gratitude Questions – Giving credit to the Creator

Gratitude writing has been the most positive step in my personal development. After a year-long self-study of writing thank you’s I have experienced a holistic transformation inside and out.

“Be willing to be in a daily habit of giving credit to the Creator”

Manprit Suri

In this post, I’ll be answering these gratitude questions: Why is it important to write? How has my life changed? How do you write your gratitude? What happens if you don’t write? Bonus: 4 Simple and Practical Steps for Daily Gratitude – Exercise for any soul age.

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Gratitude Question #1: Why is it important to write?

When you begin to write about all the things you are grateful for daily, life begins to shift in a positive direction – changes your attitude positively. 

It eliminates fear and helps you bring your attention to the present moment. 

Being thankful raises your vibrations and consciousness. It keeps you in a state of love, surrender, and appreciation for all things in life. 

It can transform your life for it has certainly changed mine!

Gratitude Question #2: How has my life changed? 

Gratitude writing is the act of giving credit to the Creator for what you have been given and not given.

I was initiated into writing gratitude when a lot of fear of the unknown arose not allowing me to be in the present moment. I was having many sleepless nights, was losing memory to the point of forgetting local routes near my house. 

These negative thoughts can be shunned by simply writing three positive thoughts of gratefulness about anything. If you have a fear that you are not good enough, then write three things that you are indeed good at; thanking the Creator for it! It’s that simple.

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So this way, I started this as an ad-hoc exercise and then started writing thank you every night. 

In few months, I started writing like a maniac! I got so smooth in writing that I felt like I was on fire! The thoughts, the words began firing like a machine gun! It felt so graceful, peaceful, and satisfying – boosting self-confidence and memory.

On February 20, 2021 around 9:30 pm, I opened my gratitude journal app to give credit to the Creator again. To my surprise, I saw this message, “365 days of gratitude”. It was my first anniversary writing down my gratitude! So just keep writing, but how?

Gratitude Question #3: How do you write your gratitude?

In other words, what are you grateful for? I wrote my gratitude on spectrum of topics:

  • for the food, house, career, job, health, wealth, family, relationships, colleagues, manager, meetings, office, driving, parking spaces, kids, parents, and anything I could think of. 
  • for all the beings I met, all the events that happened, environments, conditions, and places I had been.
  • for the breath, meditation, books, plants, ground, earth, trees, garden. 

During contemplation, try to write more specific details on things that you are thankful for.

I thanked the Source for helping me remind me that I needed to journal my love notes daily! 

I recommend using a gratitude writing journal or a mobile app. There are many apps that you can use now that also provide a reminder, daily quotes, and self-help on what to write for the day!

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Gratitude Question #4: What happens if you don’t write? 

Not writing gratitude at all is like not being thankful for your gifts in life. This has the potential of losing your gifts.

Or simply stating your gratitude unconsciously with not many meaningful thoughts and feelings is not good enough either. Doing so leaves you with an empty feeling inside.

It is therefore an opportunity not to be missed. The effort put into writing leads to more grace. By writing, you give credit to the Creator!

I used to not write and simply say it – until I met an Akashic Record reader. She informed me about the power of gratitude and how writing leads to transformation inside and out.

The blessings simply multiply along the way. Ultimately, it is the love and devotion to this work that counts.

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So are you willing to transform? Are you willing to write? If yes, then here is a bonus exercise for you!

Bonus: 4 Simple and Practical Steps for Daily Gratitude – Exercise for any Soul age

Please click here to go to the exercise. Or visit the Free Gift page for information.

Now, share the joy by writing your comments on how the exercise transformed you and what changes you saw! See you soon.

In Conclusion

Writing gratitudes will change your attitude positively. It keeps you in a state of love, surrender, and appreciation for all things in life. Be willing to credit the creator daily. It can help transform your life inside and out. 

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