Should I leave my job during Spiritual Awakening?

Should I leave my job during a spiritual awakening? This has been one nagging question that I had been seeking an answer to during the awakening process. So what my intuitive voice wants to create is this blog that shares my story, opinions, and some suggestions.

Simply put, the engineering of the awakening process blended with the cry for a career change is a divinely created and very gradually unfolding process.

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We’ll answer these 5 questions related to job during spiritual awakening: Why is it important to know about the link between career and spiritual awakening? Why do we feel lost, miserable and confused in life and career during awakening? How has it affected my life? What are some of the ways you can make the career journey easier? What happens if you don’t follow these steps? Bonus: Quick Intuitive exercise.

There is a very important link between career and spiritual awakening. If you have felt miserable, lost, and misaligned at work for a few years, your awakening is to bring you to the lowest tipping point in your career. It is here to gradually show you what your purpose for reincarnation in this lifetime is during this century.

You have been in a soul-crushing job and you may have been stagnant for quite some time too. Awakening will rip you apart and show you what you really, really, really want. It is taking you to the ultimate state of peace in due time. Some of us here have come with a mission of higher purpose and the time to do so is soon approaching.

Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #2: Why do we feel lost, miserable and confused in life and career during awakening? 

Our past/current career is the primary work that we choose to do when we were on autopilot. Why feel lost and miserable now? It is because you are waking up from this three-dimensional density – from this autopilot mode. And moving to a higher dimensional density and will soon find that it is now time to follow your soul’s blueprint.

If you find out and know you are an old soul, INFJ, Starseed, Lightworker, or any of these labels, you may realize that you have heavy karma and feel like you don’t belong here. You feel out of place and very sensitive because you may be ascending to higher dimensions.

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #3: How has it affected my life?

I have always been in a Corporate setting for the past 18 years. During 2020, I was confused, frustrated, and did not know what was going on with me for quite a while. Life and work felt meaningless, completely distasteful to the extent that I wanted to leave my job. But something even worse happened.

During the time of COVID, a colleague of mine left the team. His work was transferred to me.

I had to learn the newly assigned work that I was transitioned to. I did not like it a bit. I was very overstressed and overwhelmed as it started to eat away my soul, my time with family, and was draining my energy levels.

After a few months of working, I met with a life-threatening accident. This led me to be on disability leave for a few months. It took me away from the overwhelmed and overworked atmosphere at work to complete rest. But the road to recovery took a while.

Although I joined work shortly after, I was still in recovery mode.

After a couple of months of work, my position was eliminated as a result of firmwide company downsizing.

So the flow of life events are beautifully engineered and sometimes hard to predict!

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #4: What are some of the ways you can make the career journey easier? 

  • Surrender to the flow of events: When you hold the sand in your hand too tight, it will flow out quickly. When you surrender to the flow of events and do not hold it by thinking about them too much, those events will come to pass quickly. Practice being a detached observer helps.

Surrender to the fact that a new job or career is coming and will require karmic arrangements. Everyone’s karmas need to be balanced. I wrote a new post on surrendering that will be helpful in your journey of awakening. Click here.

  • Let go of your disturbing thoughts: If you want to let go of your stress, then let go of those thoughts by acknowledging what is happening to you. Locate it in your body system within. Then release it and let it go. Don’t hold it. Just release it. True surrender will flow.
  • Self-Love: If someone is hurt, would it help to give him more pain or cure him instead? Of course, cure him. Now, what if that someone is you. You are in a transparent career-related pain. When we are in pain inside, it is best to have compassion and love for ourselves. So gently stroke your hand on your heart and say, ‘It’s okay. I love myself.’ Then feel the magic unfold and you’ll feel grateful. Click here to play the game of self-love.
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  • Gratitude: Gratitude is the art of thanking the creator for what you have. Look at the positive side. If you are having all sorts of career traumas and troubles, you are still having a salary coming in even now. It is sustaining your family, your home, your car, and all basic needs for your survival. Thanking for what you have creates abundance. Click here to read how gratitude changed my life.

Thank the Source in advance for slowly moving you to a job and career that lights you up. Thank the Source for a blessed future career that gives you time for yourself and your family in abundance. Remember, our positive and grateful thoughts during the contemplation process will create what is yet to come with ease, grace, and abundance. A powerful gratitude vision is a great way to anchor yourself in the present moment and expand that moment.

  • Being in the present moment: I admit this one is the toughest one to follow. But grounding outside and within is the most beneficial way. If you are in an office setting or working from home, take frequent walks outside.

Grounding is a method used to free yourself from negative feelings in an instant. A 20-minute walk outside will help you a great deal. Also, look for various grounding exercises online to still your mind within. Increased awareness of your body and immediate surroundings is a great way to ground yourself to the present.

  • Stop suppressing what you love: What I learned is that, instead of suppressing your fears at work, express them to your manager and let them go. Tell him I’ll like to do a different kind of work. Talk it out. Vent it out.

If you feel miserable at work, it is a good sign from the universe that changes are coming and are indeed needed for the greater good. Don’t wait for perfect timing. Just do it. Now. Don’t worry about results. Do it in good faith. At this time, it is also a good idea to have intentions and vision a brighter future. Click here to read my experience with the future vision.

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #5: What happens if you don’t follow these steps?

You’ll simply continue to feel miserable. You will not feel compassionate towards yourself. In absence of self-love, you will attract lower vibrations that will cause your fear to build up.

This may lead to mental illnesses such as memory loss and suicidal thoughts. When left uncontrolled and unaddressed, will lead to physical issues.

Wait but what is happening at a spiritual level? We are being divinely guided. But we must learn to listen and pick up signs from the universe.

When you are suffering in lower vibrations such as fear, guilt, shame at work; and all the more suppressing it to quite an extent, instead of sharing and addressing it, then these emotions and feelings manifest in the physical density as accidents. I learned my lesson.

This is a way for your higher self to talk to you and give you signs and divert your attention towards taking meaningful actions that align with your soul plan.

So should you quit your job? Ultimately, a leap of faith is required and inner guidance is the best way to proceed. Don’t be afraid to take bold steps whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s.

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Bonus: Quick Intuitive exercise

  1. Simply remove all the clocks, watches, ticks, and talks from your room.
  2. Sit in a trance state such as lying down with your eyes closed.
  3. Repeat this several times and for several weeks to listen to yourself inside. 
  4. If something you hear feels good and there is no fear, then it is the voice of your soul that you need to follow. It will create an incredible current within you that will flow like electricity.
  5. If something you hear feels good but there is fear, it will mostly state that you should not do something because you will be in trouble. It will try to keep you safe and corner you in a space inside of you. If you feel safe but fearful, that thought is not the right direction. 

Infinity blessings, success, abundance, and careers that light you up are coming your way.


In conclusion, the engineering of the awakening process blended with the cry for a career change is a divinely created and very gradually unfolding process. You feel out of place and very sensitive because you may be ascending to higher dimensions.

It is very important to surrender to the flow of events, let go of your disturbing thoughts, exercise self-love and compassion, have an attitude of gratitude, be in the present moment, and stop suppressing what you love.

Listen to your inner guidance for what it has to say. Then, taking a bold leap of faith is the best way to proceed.

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