6 Spiritual Lessons on Perfectionism

All old souls are struggling with the spiritual lesson of perfectionism. All Virgos are said to be a perfectionist. Starseeds, Lightworkers, INFJs, and even Enneagram type I are all said to be perfectionists.

I have always tried to be perfect in everything. I always felt a sense of pride in calling myself a perfectionist.

I wondered if: I should be earning this certification in 3 years? I should be in this career or be promoted in 1 year? I should have an A or a 100 score in a game?

I further thought: can I live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life now and not hurry with unrealistic timeframes?

I was starting to realize that I was running after material things and creating lower vibrations of fear, guilt, shame, and procrastination. I was awakening to realize that I was learning to understand my imperfections rather than being perfect.

Furthermore, what I thought to be “my” perfect timings with things whether it be events, projects or incidents were synchronicities in my destiny.

Upon shifting my perspective on what a perfect life entails, I had an awakening to a different meaning of perfectionism. This post has my 6 spiritual lessons on perfectionism:

  1. Enjoying the journey of being human
  2. Self-Love and Compassion
  3. Surrender to the flow
  4. Be willing and forgiving
  5. Realizing repeated patterns of imperfections
  6. Waking up to the purpose of human life

Spiritual lesson on Perfectionism #1: Enjoying the journey of being human

It is good to have goals. It is great to have a vision board to accomplish those goals.

But our goal or destination is not the only thing important. It is the journey that is more important. 

Destination in this case is in being a perfect human being or being the best-awakened version of yourself.

The journey, however, involves learning more life lessons to achieve that level of perfection. What more life lessons do we learn during the journey of being a perfect soul? 

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #2: Self-Love and Compassion

Compassion means loving ourselves when we are unable to achieve a certain task or even get to the goal at times. Self-compassion is a way to speak to our soul and connect with our inner guidance during difficult times of our lives. 

With compassion for ourselves, we cultivate a power full of love. This strengthens and helps us put in more effort without feeling defeated or depressed. This in turn gives way to the inner strength that fuels our vision towards success.

All the more, you feel an energetic push from the divine in the form of grace. 

When I felt a lot of negative emotions, I used to play the blame game towards my circumstances, people, and environment. To top it off, I then waited for His grace to fall on my lap.

This was an imperfect way of fighting the ego-mind. Why? A more loving heart full of compassion for yourself is required to extinguish the fire of negativity.

With self-love and compassion, you become a reservoir for His grace and the equation becomes perfect!

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #3: Surrender to the flow

The problems in our lives start to occur when we start to resist. When we need more help and guidance, we need to put in our best effort and then open our arms and surrender to the flow of events. 

Instead, we resist by putting our minds into a negative thought pattern. How? By saying, “we cannot make it to the finish line” or “we don’t deserve this” or something along these lines. We start to develop victim consciousness.

Passing negative judgments about ourselves is comparable to closing our arms and stopping ourselves from receiving the divine grace and everything else that comes along with it in the form of blessings, resources, support, help, and everything positive. 

When we truly learn the art of surrender, the universe brings a lot of abundance and wealth into our lives. This system of giving from the universe is perfect only if you stop resisting and truly surrender.

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #4: Be willing and forgiving

So what should be the first step? Be willing. Be willing to be willing. Be willing to receive from the universe all the resources, support, and divine grace. How can one be willing to do so? 

The answer is forgiveness. Forgive yourself if you cannot attain a goal and or failed miserably. Just learn to forgive yourself for the failures. Just be willing to learn from them and move on. 

When I failed in my endeavors, I would simply shrink inside with some sort of guilt for not being perfect. After I started forgiving myself by repeating positive affirmations and saying to myself: I am a perfect soul and I am love; I started to have a breakthrough.

This gave me hope and willpower to forgive, forget and move forward in life. So be willing to forgive yourself and move on. 

Perhaps it was not meant to happen and for good reasons. It is important what you learned from it. Perhaps, assess the skill level, knowledge level, time duration, intention, attention, and resources required to accomplish that goal.

Just course correct and find another goal and move on. Stop saying that you are not worth it or not perfect.

Think of it as a great learning lesson for the next time. Willingly accept defeat only to rise again to try again with fewer imperfections than before!

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #5: Realizing repeated patterns of imperfections

If you see repeated patterns of failure, then there is a possibility that success is not a requirement. But the journey you are traveling is – an important lesson I easily missed in my life before!

You may be required to go through this journey and the lesson was not to be perfect but to see what happens when you are trying to be imperfect. 

When we are in a repeated pattern of failure, we are simply being allowed to learn those lessons that we are trying to master in this life. It is a mark of a courageous soul on its Hero’s journey.

So if you learned all the lessons from experiencing what it feels to be in an imperfect journey, then you have completely perfected your lesson! 

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #6: Waking up to the purpose of human life

The purpose of human life is to expand our level of consciousness through different life lessons and merge back to the universal consciousness.

If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be growing consciously and spiritually through these life lessons. So we are on a perfectly imperfect journey.

To wake up to your highest purpose in life involves waking up your soul. Waking up spiritually.

Spiritual awakening can occur when you have a high probability of perfecting your lessons in your lowest vibrational frequencies. 

By perfectly hitting your consciousness from rock bottom or ground zero, you’ll experience a quantum shift and leap in your level of consciousness to new heights.

It is a perfectly orchestrated lesson plan by the Source to bring us back to our true home – the land of a perfectionist.

In Conclusion

Being a perfectionist does not involve running after material things that inflate our ego and force us to create lower vibrations of fear, guilt, shame, and procrastination.

A perfectionist being is one who is the best-awakened version of himself.

This requires learning 6 spiritual lessons: understanding how to enjoy the journey of being human, cultivating within a power full of self-love and compassion to become the reservoir of His grace, learning to stop resisting and truly surrender, willing to forgive oneself and move on, courageously recognizing your repeated patterns of imperfections and spiritually waking up to recognize the purpose of human life. 

Traveling through this Hero’s journey, a perfectly orchestrated lesson plan by the Source to bring us back to our true home – the land of a perfectionist, is the mark and work of a perfect, loving, and courageous soul! You! 

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