6 Spiritual Life Lessons and questions on Comfort Zone Evolution

If we are always in a state of becoming, then we are always evolving . Comfort Zone Evolution means to transform and evolve by transitioning to your new comfort zone mastering the lessons from the old comfort zone.

– Manprit Suri

I reached a point in my life when my interests at work, relationships, and career started to fade away. It felt unsatisfactory. I did not know what was going on. I realized that I felt comfortable being uncomfortable. But it sure was eating me inside. 

I soon started to realize that I was in a sort of comfort zone. I did have conflicts that I was avoiding. The more I avoided dealing with these conflicts, the more stressful life became. I kept drifting and still felt as if I was in control. I was limiting my joy and thought that I was in a state of content. It was an illusion. Do you feel this way?

Let us ask ourselves: Am I running away from conflicts at work, relationships, careers instead of solving them? Am I avoiding something such as a new job or transition to a new career so that I can always be in my comfort zone?

In this blog post, we’ll learn about:

  1. Why is it painful to be in your comfort zone?
  2. What is the definition of a comfort zone anyway?
  3. How does coaching transform your comfort zone?
  4. What are the 6 life lessons from the comfort zone?
  5. How to come out of this comfort zone? 
  6. Can we put the pieces of the ‘comfort zone puzzle’ together holistically – at a Mind, Body and Soul level?

Comfort Zone Question 1: Why is it painful to be in your comfort zone?

I was working with a client who was stressed; and binge-watching Netflix as a result. He enjoyed watching it very much. But after talking for a while, my client realized something that caused him a few breakthroughs. 

He immediately realized that he was avoiding something he always wanted to do. He was escaping from the life he wanted. He was procrastinating on the tasks and actions that he wanted to perform. But the laziness started to drown him into binge-watching Netflix. 

As the conversation moved forward, he had another breakthrough. He realized that he wanted to get up early but couldn’t. He had been sleeping late because he was watching TV until late hours. His lack or inadequate amount of sleep was another reason for stress.

Why was my client avoiding the tasks he needed to do and waking up late, sleeping late although he knew he was not going anywhere with it? Why was he repeatedly doing the same thing every day and expecting results? 

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The answer is that he was in his comfort zone. When we are in our comfort zone, we tend to get lazy, procrastinate, and think our life is going well. In fact, perfect. Interestingly, when we see others getting results, we then wonder why didn’t we get that?

We get what we deserve. Thinking otherwise is a form of self-delusion.  

So we tend to avoid conflicts by escaping them and watching TV, instead of doing something about them and achieve results. How can we live our lives miserably and wrongly call it a comfort zone?

Comfort Zone Question 2. What is the definition of a comfort zone anyway?

As per Wikipedia, “A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person, and they are at ease and (perceive they are) in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady level of performance is possible.” 

Above is a great practical definition as a start. But it leaves me wondering how we can remain in our comfort zone (that we worked so hard to build in our and around our life) and at the same time feel like we don’t belong to this planet? Shouldn’t we enjoy our life’s comfort zone? 

In other words, why is life feeling more and more meaningless? Why do we feel like a square in a peg hole? That we don’t want to work a 9-5 job with a haunting on-call schedule that keeps us up most of the time. Why is life becoming fast-paced, pushing us outside our comfort zone even after our many achievements? Did you signup for this type of life only?

The answer lies in the level of your awareness to your achievements, needs, and wanting for more and more. It simply never ends. 

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So we need to have a balance and perform better, live better. And better does not mean fast-paced but a steady-contented paced.

So what characteristics do we need to have in a nutshell:

To live a love-based purpose-driven life full of passion, meaning, work fewer hours each day, meditate better, feel balanced, content, spend enough time with our loved ones, have an abundance of finances, and live joyfully doing meaningful work that evolves our level of consciousness and raises the vibrations within us and that of this planet. 

Wow! Now that is my new definition of a comfort zone. That is our big dream or a new comfort zone we want. To reach this zone, we need to be willing to take the necessary steps to live a love-based life. 

Comfort Zone Question 3. How does coaching transform your Comfort Zone?

Spiritual Life coaches help you move out of your ‘old’ comfort zone and find a ‘new’ comfort zone. They empower you to course-correct and grow in your dream direction positively.  

When you reach a plateau in your comfort zone, you start to grow in victim consciousness. Your narcissist ego triggers a negative inner dialogue that leads to low self-esteem and self-sabotage. 

As you remain in this state for extended periods, you start to develop less trust around people and mostly with yourself. Your beliefs, attitudes, and behavior reflect negatively. You feel trapped in your self-created old comfort zone prison. What a soul-crushing life!

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To break-free yourself from this old lifestyle, we have a Freedom Design coaching session. It helps with removing any roadblocks to your freedom and guides you towards attaining your goals, vision, and destination you are dreaming of with peace of mind. It is a mindset change that takes time as you are required to heal at various levels.

Comfort Zone Question 4. What are the 6 life lessons from the comfort zone?

Choosing to remain in your old comfort zone may come with a price. Here is a quick summary of the 6 lessons:

  1. Lesson #1: Ego makes you feel in control. It gives you a false sense of pride gift-wrapped in a ‘comfort’ color paper.
  2. Lesson #2: If things start to look and feel perfect without effort, it is time to change yourself.
  3. Lesson #3: Hold yourself accountable for your actions all the time. It’s your life.
  4. Lesson #4: You tend to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. It is a sign that you are not in alignment with your dharma or life purpose. It is time for a change.
  5. Lesson #5: You start to avoid conflicts, become an escapist, and are unwilling to change. It can lead to severe consequences in the form of physical and mental illnesses.
  6. Lesson #6: You start to feel bored, stressed, lazy, and out of place.

If you see such signposts, it is time to start coming out of your old comfort zone. 

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Comfort Zone Question 5. How to come out of this comfort zone? 

Here are some quick ways to help you move forward:

  1. Self-care: Detox your stress and fears
  2. Self-love: You are here to evolve as a soul. Love helps you evolve – Love what you do by doing what you love.
  3. Self-worth: Access your talents, skills, and be willing to grow. Remember that you are unique. No one is like you. You are priceless. 
  4. Discover yourself by doing a lot of inner work, and outer work. Find your life purpose and do what “feels” most meaningful to you.
  5. Take a hobby to the extreme – if you love journaling, try being a writer or a blogger; if you like to communicate, try being a public speaker.
  6. Explore different companies and industries for the same work.
  7. Explore different career options. 
  8. Discover your areas of passion. Find out what you are here to do on this Earth at this time of the century. Is the career conventional or unconventional? Will it matter if this was your last reincarnation on Earth?

It is a puzzle, a mystery to solve, in all honesty. Things will unfold in due time and with a lot of effort and soul searching. 

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Comfort Zone Question 6. Can we put the pieces of the ‘comfort zone puzzle’ together holistically – at a Mind, Body and Soul level?

There are many lessons to learn when: you are in a comfort zone, remain in your old comfort zone, or want to create a new comfort zone. The old comfort zone is a perfect place to rest and nest “against” our soul plan. 

“Old Comfort zones are puzzling as it clouds your vision, restricts you from your passion, and hampers your ability to take actions that lead you to a better and brighter future-you. It restricts your growth potential. The more you stay in your old comfort zone, the more unclear your life becomes moving forward. Try moving out of your way by removing the roadblocks that prevent you from finding your passion. Then move into your new comfort zone.”

Manprit Suri

The primary reason for our soul is to evolve. It evolves by learning life lessons – which is a bitter way to evolution. Once it reaches a tipping point, that is, when it has learned the lessons in its comfort zone, the soul wants to further evolve, instead of continuing to rest. The desire to rest is coming from the ego-mind. It doesn’t want the soul to evolve. It wants to keep it confined in that old comfort zone illusionary prison. 

When this happens, we start to lose our power since the force of our ego is in control. But you are still learning lessons on powerlessness. 

This fight between the soul and ego creates friction that causes various symptoms such as anxiety, fear, depression. It dips you in those oceans of lower vibrations. Here you learn the lessons of fear: fear of failure and fear of future causing procrastination. It is where your perfectionism lessons boil up to the surface. 

Perfectionism is a negative quality as you want a perfect life from an ego-mind which is an illusion. You cannot be confined to prison and feel good. So you cannot understand the calling of the soul. It is a mind trap. But you are learning the lesson of powerlessness, perfectionism, fear of failure, and procrastination as a result. 

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Your mission is to snap out of it but don’t know-how due to emotional issues, attitudes, behaviors, and limiting beliefs. Your thoughts are also prisoned and are inside a mental ego box. 

So this imprisonment backfires by creating an urge to be free. Free from all this misery. Free from these blocks. Unless these blocks are freed, you cannot look clearly at the end of the tunnel. But what is at the end of the tunnel? What do you need to be free from? 

At the end of the tunnel is your soul – waiting for you to come out of your old comfort zone. It is calling you. To answer the calling of your soul, you follow the bread crumbs that it has already placed before. What are those bread crumbs?

When you reach the tipping point in your life, your feelings of meaninglessness and loss are one of the many first steps.

When you start to reason why this is happening, it is your next step.

Willing to finding answers to how am I and why am I here, what’s my passion, my purpose, and how I can achieve my big dreams; the next. 

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The purpose behind coaching is to pull you out and clear of your tunnel and free it from the mental, social, and belief factors. It is the process of inner healing and emptying the cup. Doing so helps you see your vision clearly, and navigate the muddy waters of your life that became polluted while learning the various life lessons. 

It is a cleansing stage – where you start to increase your spiritual awareness and awaken spiritually. To trust the universe more, become bolder, and break free from unwanted conditioned desires.  

As you break free, you realize the game of life more clearly. You start to integrate the various spiritual lessons of letting go, trust, gratitude, being an authentic version of yourself, and continue to the high road like a hero, warrior, or an awakened person.

By this time, if you are trying to find a perfect time, date, place, career, then you’ll realize that nothing is perfect here now. You are to again move into a job for a short while, learn some lessons and then find new ones. But this play starts to become a little boring as an old soul. 

So you want to quit this world with a bang by being famous or even being of service to others. Whatever satisfies your soul. So you may start to teach people from your wisdom. 

One may start to coach others on navigating their life better – who are struggling in this 3-dimensional world. Perhaps teach how to do things that they love and are passionate with. You come out of your old comfort zone closet and move into your growing new comfort zone!

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If you are in your same zone for some time, there is no willingness to move out of it due to resistance. It is because of the fear of failure and the thoughts that life is perfect when it is not. You are simply less willing to move forward in life. It is mere laziness. 

So does moving forward means more title and power? Moving forward does not mean more title and power. That should never be an aim as it is an ego playground with its sweet rewards.  

But if you are doing something out of love, passion, and compassion, then the success, titles, and fame runs after you. And, that’s the way to roll. It is the stage where you are in service to humanity and for the highest good for all. It is a reward from the higher consciousness and universal consciousness. 

Being of service is the highest form of achievement. Soul growth and evolution do not reside in the old comfort zone but a ‘new’ comfort zone.

In Conclusion

There is no conclusion to this ever-evolving and puzzling comfort zone riddle. If you feel uncomfortable being in an old comfort zone, then it’s time to move out of your fear-based life. To move into a love-based life, a new comfort zone is the next step.

If you feel comfortable being in a new comfort zone, stay there and willingly enjoy learning, reasoning, and fulfilling your big dreams, goals, and being of service to the highest good for all. Therein lies the answer to your passion and desire for a meaningful, purpose-driven love-based life. Live comfortably with a growth mindset.

The main purpose of this website is for you to live a love-based life and evolve your soul’s comfort zone. Please check out the service page and opt for FULL SPECTRUM coaching!

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