Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Pearls of Wisdom

The path of letting go and surrender is rich with pearls of wisdom. But it is a difficult path to travel. Let me clarify how it is difficult.

I have heard that if you want to let go of fear to attain peace, you need to do so with compassion, love, and surrender. To reach this state, you need to “just be” in that state and then watch how the magical events unfold. 

I have also heard that the time to let go is always in the present. If you are presently in a state of chaos, then how can we shift to peace by letting go of this chaos. This goal seems impossible, unreachable, and unimaginable. If you are/have been in this situation, you will understand what I’m trying to say.

Whether it is a tough job, life circumstances, relationships, overall career, an old comfort zone that you are planning to let go of, you may feel stuck along the way. But you don’t have to. There is always a way out.

In this post, I’ll reveal the many pearls of wisdom on getting unstuck, letting go, or surrendering by delving into:

  1. What if we don’t let go?
  2. How not let go?
  3. How to plan to let go? A let go scenario
  4. What are the two signs that you are on the right track to let go?
  5. Why is it beneficial to memorize the 4 Cs of let go?

Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Question #1: What if we don’t let go?

If we don’t let go of what is causing us so many symptoms: misery, suffering, despair, then it may have adverse effects on our health in the form of heart attack, cancer, seizure, migraine, backache, or any form of illness. 

Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Question #2: How not to let go?

There are at least two ways you should not let go:

  1. Escaping Temporarily:

The majority of us fall into this category. It pertains to those who turn to binge-watching TV or do a ridiculous amount of screen time. The mind escapes temporarily by diversion. It usually does not solve the problem and leads to more stress eventually. 

2. Escaping Prematurily:

When the goal of letting go feels unreachable, unattainable, and unrealistic, people choose to take premature decisions such as those thoughts to kill themselves. The minority of folks do so via committing suicide. 

Since we don’t know how to tackle the art of letting go, we feel stuck.

What is the feeling of getting stuck?

We feel confused and stressed. We get so attached to the present situation that we start to overthink, overanalyze, overwhelm, and overburden ourselves about what the future holds for us – we get stuck in analysis paralysis. This stage exhausts us completely, and we reach the stage of burnout. 

The burnout state further complicates and clouds our judgment by “forcing” us to make a decision. The cloud of worry starts to hover around us – making us more miserable, out of control, unhappy, and indecisive.  

I like to call this being in a state of uncomfortableness within your comfort zone. If you choose to stay (stuck) here for long, it gets even more challenging to let go.

So let us look into a scenario of how to plan to let go and what options we have.

Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Question #3: How to plan to let go? A let go scenario

Imagine being a passenger on an express train running 400 miles an hour. That train has lost its brakes. You are now sure that it will crash but don’t know when. 

As you see outside the train, you notice how fast it travels across terrains: grassy areas, muddy areas, rivers, roads, bridges, and the like.

As you look inside the train, you see other passengers panicking too. But those people cannot help you. So you decide to help yourself. That is clear to you. But the BIG question is how? Let’s look at the three options:

Option 1: You decide to escape from the train by jumping outside without any plans. You are so tired of being on the speeding train for a very long period and in a state of indecisiveness that you finally want to escape it with no plans. 

It is an escapist attitude. A premature decision to escape can lead to suicide. You may land anywhere and will be dead as you have no resources and strategy. Most of all, failing to plan is planning to fail. At this moment, the best plan is to wait.

Option 2: You can decide to wait on the train and see what happens. 

You are now in your comfort zone, where the majority of us get stuck and sucked in. You are comfortable being uncomfortable thinking this too shall pass. You choose to exhaust yourself until the end of your patience-testing period. 

Consequently, you start to get sick of the environment, become impatient, begin to lack trust, self-doubt, feel a sense of victim consciousness, and a sense of not being worthy of an escape. You also start to distrust those around you for not jumping in to help you as if they owe you something. 

You get stuck in a vacuum as you don’t know when you will crash any moment. Nevertheless, you don’t want to let go no matter what happens due to indecisiveness. This fear turns into anxiety as it keeps haunting you minute after minute. 

Since you are unwilling and unaware of what to do, this anxiety and fear of the unknown turn into depression. The ultimate result can be devastating as it may lead to any serious illnesses. The first option killed you quickly from the outside; whereas, this second option kills you slowly from inside and out. 

Option 3: You decide to escape the train with a plan and willingness to survive. You lay out the groundwork to help you let go of the train. You work out an escape strategy. You change your mind, beliefs, attitude and feel empowered to commit towards working out a plan of action. You gather whatever resources you can – people, processes, and or technology. You call upon the higher powers for increased awareness and trust. 

You begin to develop a grateful attitude amidst the mental storm. It is the key as you shift your perspective towards a positive mindset. The more you are in an attitude of gratitude, the more courage starts to fall in your lap. The more the courage, the more the willingness to have a plan that helps you reason out things.

You then start to think right, and with intuition and a better vision of a bright future, you start to ‘simply know’ the right (divine) timing as you begin to surrender and listen to what the inner voice is trying to tell you. 

Eventually, you learn to relax, and with a calm and clear state of mind, start to let go (of that train) with confidence and courage. With your since efforts and His grace, you gracefully land in a more comfortable land – a new comfort zone. 

In this new comfort zone, you are no longer the same person you were before. You are now a newly evolved soul, a peaceful soul, more mature, and a sense of direction.

The jumping from that train taught you all the shadow sides of how it feels to be fearful. But it also balances your being by teaching you many lessons about courage, vision, grace, gratefulness, surrender, and the art of trust, timing, and letting go.

If you replace the train with our current attitudes, jobs, relationships, you’ll come to realize that we are doing things speedingly (speeding train of thoughts) with no sense of direction.  

Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Question #4: What are the two signs that you are on the right track to Let go?

  1.  When you start feeling grateful for what you have:

This first step will help you slow the speed of the train of your thoughts, calm your mind and move you in a positive direction. It allows room for you to think about your escape plan and come up with a strategy. So don’t jump ship without a plan (don’t just quit your job, for instance). Prepare for it.

Have a vision of what you want from life, create a plan of action, then be willing to do those steps, and the true grace will follow. 

2. When you start to see synchronicities from the universe:

When you start to let go, you ‘sense’ the higher powers at play. You realize that you are not in control. You still need to make efforts and then surrender to the Divine Will. It can only happen with a calm mind and grounded energies. If you are very serious in life and are out of balance, you will feel as if you are in control.

Seriousness leads you to be out of sync with the universe as it is an ego game. When you are too worried, you create a fence against His incoming grace. 

Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Question #5:Why is it beneficial to memorize the 4 Cs?

The 4Cs are the condensed form of many revelations and realizations that can be picked up from the above story of our lives if you replace the train with life/work/career.  

  1. Control Factor: Remember that you are the passenger and not the driver of the train of life. So trust that you are ‘being driven’ in life.
  2. Cultivate Habits: Turn the negative to positive mindset by cultivating healthy habits: doing positive affirmations, gratitude journaling, being mindful, and doing your meditation daily as a habit.
  3. Comparisons and Conditioning: Mindless comparisons and social conditioning can cause misalignment on your path of purpose. Perhaps, you did not follow signs and missed your stop, and now you are going nowhere and speedingly. 
  4. Creator’s Comfort Zone: Your decision to leave, the plan you make, the steps you take are all part of a higher power’s plan to help you evolve. So you need to realize that you need to completely surrender and stop thinking that you are driving the train. As you start to silence your thoughts, you awaken to your new (Creator’s) comfort zone’s direction. 

In Conclusion

It is challenging to let go of those things that are causing you pain. So it is best to think with a positive mindset, make a strategy and a plan of action, and then let go. 

The two signs that you are on the right path of letting go are when you start feeling grateful and when you feel in sync with the universe. It is only possible if you realize that you are not in control of life but are driven, cultivate habits for a positive/grateful mindset, stop comparisons and conditioning from others, and finally trust that you are in the Creator’s comfort zone.

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