About Me


Hi, Manprit here! Infinity blessings and welcome to my site. It’s my passion to write and express gratitude to life lessons and journey along the way.

My name means a mind full of love and compassion. I’m a hybrid of Eastern and Western cultures.


Meyers-Briggs assessment Type – INFJ/Advisor

Enneagram Type – I/Visionary.

I believe that these quiz-type personality assessments don’t really work well. Our answers to multiple-choice questions may vary depending on several factors such as mood, type of desires during the time of filling the info, and your overall level of conditioning since birth. Yes, conditioning is a big one.

So, I tried the Human Design system. It is an energy assessment tool that takes specific non-changing personal information to run your report of who you are and beyond.

This non-changing personal information also helps derive your calling, your life & soul purpose, your gifts and the reasons why the cosmos created you consciously.

I am a 2/4 Projector. Who are Projectors? The projector is one of the 5 energy archetypes in the Human Design system.

Their purpose and gifts are in guiding or coaching various energy types.

Current Calling

Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Success Coach and Guide.

Need more labels?

I’m a son, a dad, a brother, husband, male, citizen, specialist, student of life, seeker, writer, coach, guide, entrepreneur, and the list can go on!

You can be whatever you want to be or are passionate about or are being called out to be. Once you realize that there are many labels required to be stamped on you the moment you enter the 3-dimensional Earth, then there is no end to it, until you die.

And when you are reborn, these labels still exists but you are detached from it; you let go and release. In finding yourself, you also lose yourself, as they say and it’s quite a paradox!

You are simply conscious of your labels but are detached from it. You are a free bird, a free spirit, a conscious being, just willing to be to experience this dimension. Grounded and present doing conscious actions. One day, even this shall pass but you live happily moment by moment.

photo of common kingfisher flying above river

“The more you are aligned with your authentic true self, discovering and following your intuition, life and soul purpose, mission and what you are here to do, the more you are free, liberated and aligned with the divine will.”

Manprit Suri

My passion and purpose

To be of highest service to highly sensitive, empathic souls. To help you experience freedom by guiding you on how to be yourself and to live your life in alignment with your purpose.
To transition you out of your comfort zone where you feel stuck, burnt out, misaligned, fearful, living a meaningless life trying to be successful in the wrong direction.

my mission

As a coach, I empower you to live a meaningful, successful, and balanced life.
As a guide, I help you in your awakening journey.

The section below is about my life journey and why I started this site. So, this is based on true life events, my conscious evolution, and the expansion of my energy.

If my story resonates with you and stimulates you, then know that there is a potential for you to break out of your comfort zone too.

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My life story

After 18 years of working in the Corporate industry, I felt my energy was finally depleting – no longer being fully used efficiently.

I was successful, but something felt missing inside.

I was forcing myself into working extended hours in an environment and work that felt meaningless. I felt like I was swimming against my energy current instead of flowing with rhythm.

I started to burn my energy out slowly.

I felt stuck, lost, and struggled to find what I truly wanted. I had been in my comfort zone for too long.

I simply needed to evolve, and meditation alone was not an answer.

Perhaps holistic approaches or something more was needed.

I did know that the fast-paced hurried, worried type of lifestyle was simply not for me. In fact, it never was or should be.

There was this nagging feeling to do something different. To discover and learn more so I could evolve further.

I wanted to recreate myself, expand my boundaries in various new areas in a more balanced way that would allow more flow, ease and grace for myself, my kids, my family, and life.

Then came the year 2020. I met with an accident and went on complete rest. I could only work a few hours now after this incident.

It was during this pandemic and after the accident that I had a profound shift inside me.

It was a wake-up call, existential crisis, awakening, and a calling/vocation to go beyond my comfort zone on uncharted territories– to find more meaningful work and life; and re-design what success meant now.

I felt a pull to try new things in life. It was a period of letting go of my old life and trying something new.

I was in denial of trying something new so letting go was necessary but very difficult. This was the block that kept me in a fear zone, ungrounded and stuck. I was in denial that I had a problem of letting go of the comfort zone in various areas of my life.

I needed to find freedom, life purpose and meaning in life.

In 2021, my position was eliminated. I saw that as an opportunity and blessing as I was immediately guided by various synchronicities that lead me to be a writer and a life coach.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds by the way. I tried various conventional methods to find a career, but none were fruitful. I also resorted to unconventional ways, which were very helpful.

It was a hard choice, totally off the course that I was on earlier. But this is how life was course-correcting me, transitioning me, aligning me to my true north as they say.

It is truly a hero’s journey, and we all are heroes in our own stories. It was a brave, courageous move to step out and into uncharted territory, but I felt the divine pull all along.

It felt like a mission of some sort to live more consciously, aligned to my life and soul purpose, and re-evaluate my life on all levels: mind, body, and soul.

I had found my passion and started to develop it. It is important as a Projector (in human design) to feel the success energy, the vibrations of success when you work.

So, I kept going on picking the path with my heart, blazing my own trail and taking the road less traveled.


I always wanted to have a website of my own. I created this one following my passion thinking it was/is my purpose.

So, I built it from scratch but most importantly, built it with love, joy, and the frequency of success.

I was able to do it, experience it, and embody it. Now I help, guide, coach and be of highest service to those who wish to follow their own true and unique path.

Why did I build this site? To help and reach out to those who are undergoing stress, anxiety, and depression; and to help them transition and work towards a new definition of success – feeling successful holistically: mind, body, and soul.

road on a mountainside

It is a path of self-discovery and self-awareness. No one is going to tell you to do it because not many people are wanting to take the road less traveled.

Not many are wanting to know the meaning of their life purpose, their gifts, and their talents and are drifting away as a result. Although many are awakening, they are still few in number. If you are reading this, then you may be that person.

The majority of people are drifters trying to follow the crowds and what the majority is doing. When you are truly ready, your soul will navigate you as it did for me.

But you may need guidance along the way from those who are way-showers; from those who are navigators and are blazing their own trail.


Then came out my gift of communication and I started to write blog posts. I love writing on topics about holistic personal and spiritual development – sharing my experiences on personal development, spiritual awakening, metaphysics, life purpose, burnout, comfort zone, gratitude, surrender, and spiritual life lessons.

There is much beauty, love, joy, happiness, and positivity in passing on my fairly broad personal and spiritual knowledge to others for their sole and soul benefit. I also wrote a post on my lessons learned in conscious blog post writing.

Sharing lessons from our life journeys can help others as they learn not to repeat the same mistakes that were made by others.

Oh, by the way, I write long posts because it feels good and keeps me fulfilled inside.

I kept following my passion and my life took a totally different course. I felt called to pursue a career that would allow me to expand my light and shine further.

Life Coach Certification

To answer my calling, I completed all levels to become a life coach.

Level 1: BCA: Basic Coaching Achievement
level 2: ACA: Advanced Coaching Achievement
level 3: SLCC: Spiritual Life Coach Certificate

As a coaching practitioner, my heart jumps with joy when I see my clients transform and experience breakthroughs. I’m very grateful to be of service to others.

As a co-creative coach, I work actively with you to create your big dreams and nourish you holistically.

My services are customizable as everyone is a unique soul with a different life purpose.

While I keep expanding, I encourage you to expand more in the areas that you feel more aligned with. This will bring your energy back in alignment with the divine plan, and increase your self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and inner radiance.

You eventually need to find a balance in life at all levels. Be aligned to the right profession and feel contented in what you do. It is a journey.


The journey requires that we answer our calling but also earn a living. The earning could be from any additional job(s) as well. This is to maintain a healthy balanced life.

From my experience, your discovery and answering your call gives you adequate amount of time, money and resources to “initiate” what you are looking for. By initiate, I mean at least be aware that there is something mystical beyond normal sense of awareness.

But the journey is lifelong. And we may run out of money, time or both.

If you feel time is running out, then it is best to focus on finding any job that can provide you the means to live. Don’t ignore your money, and balances. Do not procrastinate but be practical.

Aligning the life to your calling is a gradual process which takes years. The quality of life improves as the quality of consciousness is refined.

Having enough money and material resources to support yourself and your loved ones is a priority and a necessity. Without survival, there is no you, no physical body, no existence, and hence no way for your consciousness to attend the call.

Take up any job and that too is a journey full of many life lessons. If you do not, then you are back in your comfort zone.

Perhaps the prior type of jobs was part of your calling! All you were missing was to love your children more, parents more, hobbies more. It may have been time to allow those feeling to pass. If you want to accept something or someone in life, you have to love it in order for it to let go and detach from it.

Trust life and its paradoxical teachings.

With Gratitude and many Blessings!


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