“There are three methods to gaining wisdom.
The first is reflection, which is the highest.
The second is limitation, which is the easiest.
The third is experience, which is the bitterest.”
– Confucius

Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth

Have you had that feeling of being fearful about losing your job? And that thought led to more fear of survival itself? Who will take care of my kids? Who will pay for the mortgage? The worry simply adds on. And these all feel so real. Then you start to feel miserable, lonely, empty inside.…

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Conscious Gratitude: Power of the Vision Board

New Year is a great time to create vision boards. But a vision board is developed every moment of the year on the dashboard of our mind. It is unconsciously developed based on our sanskaras or karmic patterns. Using our mind, we create the art, while the projection of the form is in the 3rd dimension that…

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Creating Future Vision: Spiritual Life lessons from my accident

“Everything in this creation is divine. You have this birth to decorate this creation with your divine creativity. All you need is willingness, a vision, and an eye for this creativity to happen through you. You are the vessel for the divine creation. So vision wisely and with love. For the magic to happen, you…

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Life Purpose: Navigating Away from Misalignment

I have always wanted to know the purpose of life. The meaning of life. Why are we here at this time of the century? As we grow in our search, we feel we have got it when we are happy. Such as when you switch to a new job, new location, make new relationships, etc.…

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Self-Love: A game worth playing

“The intense rules of the game of self-love involve: having healthy boundaries, creating a discipline for balance, nurturing self-compassion, growing in gratitude, evolving in self-worth, being mindful of self-care. It is a courageous hero’s journey. All you need to do is to let go and surrender even more – so you always win.”Manprit Suri All…

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