Should I leave my job during Spiritual Awakening?

Should I leave my job during a spiritual awakening? This has been one nagging question that I had been seeking an answer to during the awakening process. So what my intuitive voice wants to create is this blog that shares my story, opinions, and some suggestions.

Simply put, the engineering of the awakening process blended with the cry for a career change is a divinely created and very gradually unfolding process.

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We’ll answer these 5 questions related to job during spiritual awakening: Why is it important to know about the link between career and spiritual awakening? Why do we feel lost, miserable and confused in life and career during awakening? How has it affected my life? What are some of the ways you can make the career journey easier? What happens if you don’t follow these steps? Bonus: Quick Intuitive exercise.

There is a very important link between career and spiritual awakening. If you have felt miserable, lost, and misaligned at work for a few years, your awakening is to bring you to the lowest tipping point in your career. It is here to gradually show you what your purpose for reincarnation in this lifetime is during this century.

You have been in a soul-crushing job and you may have been stagnant for quite some time too. Awakening will rip you apart and show you what you really, really, really want. It is taking you to the ultimate state of peace in due time. Some of us here have come with a mission of higher purpose and the time to do so is soon approaching.

Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #2: Why do we feel lost, miserable and confused in life and career during awakening? 

Our past/current career is the primary work that we choose to do when we were on autopilot. Why feel lost and miserable now? It is because you are waking up from this three-dimensional density – from this autopilot mode. And moving to a higher dimensional density and will soon find that it is now time to follow your soul’s blueprint.

If you find out and know you are an old soul, INFJ, Starseed, Lightworker, or any of these labels, you may realize that you have heavy karma and feel like you don’t belong here. You feel out of place and very sensitive because you may be ascending to higher dimensions.

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #3: How has it affected my life?

I have always been in a Corporate setting for the past 18 years. During 2020, I was confused, frustrated, and did not know what was going on with me for quite a while. Life and work felt meaningless, completely distasteful to the extent that I wanted to leave my job. But something even worse happened.

During the time of COVID, a colleague of mine left the team. His work was transferred to me.

I had to learn the newly assigned work that I was transitioned to. I did not like it a bit. I was very overstressed and overwhelmed as it started to eat away my soul, my time with family, and was draining my energy levels.

After a few months of working, I met with a life-threatening accident. This led me to be on disability leave for a few months. It took me away from the overwhelmed and overworked atmosphere at work to complete rest. But the road to recovery took a while.

Although I joined work shortly after, I was still in recovery mode.

After a couple of months of work, my position was eliminated as a result of firmwide company downsizing.

So the flow of life events are beautifully engineered and sometimes hard to predict!

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #4: What are some of the ways you can make the career journey easier? 

  • Surrender to the flow of events: When you hold the sand in your hand too tight, it will flow out quickly. When you surrender to the flow of events and do not hold it by thinking about them too much, those events will come to pass quickly. Practice being a detached observer helps.

Surrender to the fact that a new job or career is coming and will require karmic arrangements. Everyone’s karmas need to be balanced. I wrote a new post on surrendering that will be helpful in your journey of awakening. Click here.

  • Let go of your disturbing thoughts: If you want to let go of your stress, then let go of those thoughts by acknowledging what is happening to you. Locate it in your body system within. Then release it and let it go. Don’t hold it. Just release it. True surrender will flow.
  • Self-Love: If someone is hurt, would it help to give him more pain or cure him instead? Of course, cure him. Now, what if that someone is you. You are in a transparent career-related pain. When we are in pain inside, it is best to have compassion and love for ourselves. So gently stroke your hand on your heart and say, ‘It’s okay. I love myself.’ Then feel the magic unfold and you’ll feel grateful. Click here to play the game of self-love.
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  • Gratitude: Gratitude is the art of thanking the creator for what you have. Look at the positive side. If you are having all sorts of career traumas and troubles, you are still having a salary coming in even now. It is sustaining your family, your home, your car, and all basic needs for your survival. Thanking for what you have creates abundance. Click here to read how gratitude changed my life.

Thank the Source in advance for slowly moving you to a job and career that lights you up. Thank the Source for a blessed future career that gives you time for yourself and your family in abundance. Remember, our positive and grateful thoughts during the contemplation process will create what is yet to come with ease, grace, and abundance. A powerful gratitude vision is a great way to anchor yourself in the present moment and expand that moment.

  • Being in the present moment: I admit this one is the toughest one to follow. But grounding outside and within is the most beneficial way. If you are in an office setting or working from home, take frequent walks outside.

Grounding is a method used to free yourself from negative feelings in an instant. A 20-minute walk outside will help you a great deal. Also, look for various grounding exercises online to still your mind within. Increased awareness of your body and immediate surroundings is a great way to ground yourself to the present.

  • Stop suppressing what you love: What I learned is that, instead of suppressing your fears at work, express them to your manager and let them go. Tell him I’ll like to do a different kind of work. Talk it out. Vent it out.

If you feel miserable at work, it is a good sign from the universe that changes are coming and are indeed needed for the greater good. Don’t wait for perfect timing. Just do it. Now. Don’t worry about results. Do it in good faith. At this time, it is also a good idea to have intentions and vision a brighter future. Click here to read my experience with the future vision.

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Job during Spiritual Awakening Question #5: What happens if you don’t follow these steps?

You’ll simply continue to feel miserable. You will not feel compassionate towards yourself. In absence of self-love, you will attract lower vibrations that will cause your fear to build up.

This may lead to mental illnesses such as memory loss and suicidal thoughts. When left uncontrolled and unaddressed, will lead to physical issues.

Wait but what is happening at a spiritual level? We are being divinely guided. But we must learn to listen and pick up signs from the universe.

When you are suffering in lower vibrations such as fear, guilt, shame at work; and all the more suppressing it to quite an extent, instead of sharing and addressing it, then these emotions and feelings manifest in the physical density as accidents. I learned my lesson.

This is a way for your higher self to talk to you and give you signs and divert your attention towards taking meaningful actions that align with your soul plan.

So should you quit your job? Ultimately, a leap of faith is required and inner guidance is the best way to proceed. Don’t be afraid to take bold steps whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s.

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Bonus: Quick Intuitive exercise

  1. Simply remove all the clocks, watches, ticks, and talks from your room.
  2. Sit in a trance state such as lying down with your eyes closed.
  3. Repeat this several times and for several weeks to listen to yourself inside. 
  4. If something you hear feels good and there is no fear, then it is the voice of your soul that you need to follow. It will create an incredible current within you that will flow like electricity.
  5. If something you hear feels good but there is fear, it will mostly state that you should not do something because you will be in trouble. It will try to keep you safe and corner you in a space inside of you. If you feel safe but fearful, that thought is not the right direction. 

Infinity blessings, success, abundance, and careers that light you up are coming your way.


In conclusion, the engineering of the awakening process blended with the cry for a career change is a divinely created and very gradually unfolding process. You feel out of place and very sensitive because you may be ascending to higher dimensions.

It is very important to surrender to the flow of events, let go of your disturbing thoughts, exercise self-love and compassion, have an attitude of gratitude, be in the present moment, and stop suppressing what you love.

Listen to your inner guidance for what it has to say. Then, taking a bold leap of faith is the best way to proceed.

If you need a free consultation, please contact me.

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4 Gratitude Questions – Giving credit to the Creator

Gratitude writing has been the most positive step in my personal development. After a year-long self-study of writing thank you’s I have experienced a holistic transformation inside and out.

“Be willing to be in a daily habit of giving credit to the Creator”

Manprit Suri

In this post, I’ll be answering these gratitude questions: Why is it important to write? How has my life changed? How do you write your gratitude? What happens if you don’t write? Bonus: 4 Simple and Practical Steps for Daily Gratitude – Exercise for any soul age.

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Gratitude Question #1: Why is it important to write?

When you begin to write about all the things you are grateful for daily, life begins to shift in a positive direction – changes your attitude positively. 

It eliminates fear and helps you bring your attention to the present moment. 

Being thankful raises your vibrations and consciousness. It keeps you in a state of love, surrender, and appreciation for all things in life. 

It can transform your life for it has certainly changed mine!

Gratitude Question #2: How has my life changed? 

Gratitude writing is the act of giving credit to the Creator for what you have been given and not given.

I was initiated into writing gratitude when a lot of fear of the unknown arose not allowing me to be in the present moment. I was having many sleepless nights, was losing memory to the point of forgetting local routes near my house. 

These negative thoughts can be shunned by simply writing three positive thoughts of gratefulness about anything. If you have a fear that you are not good enough, then write three things that you are indeed good at; thanking the Creator for it! It’s that simple.

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So this way, I started this as an ad-hoc exercise and then started writing thank you every night. 

In few months, I started writing like a maniac! I got so smooth in writing that I felt like I was on fire! The thoughts, the words began firing like a machine gun! It felt so graceful, peaceful, and satisfying – boosting self-confidence and memory.

On February 20, 2021 around 9:30 pm, I opened my gratitude journal app to give credit to the Creator again. To my surprise, I saw this message, “365 days of gratitude”. It was my first anniversary writing down my gratitude! So just keep writing, but how?

Gratitude Question #3: How do you write your gratitude?

In other words, what are you grateful for? I wrote my gratitude on spectrum of topics:

  • for the food, house, career, job, health, wealth, family, relationships, colleagues, manager, meetings, office, driving, parking spaces, kids, parents, and anything I could think of. 
  • for all the beings I met, all the events that happened, environments, conditions, and places I had been.
  • for the breath, meditation, books, plants, ground, earth, trees, garden. 

During contemplation, try to write more specific details on things that you are thankful for.

I thanked the Source for helping me remind me that I needed to journal my love notes daily! 

I recommend using a gratitude writing journal or a mobile app. There are many apps that you can use now that also provide a reminder, daily quotes, and self-help on what to write for the day!

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Gratitude Question #4: What happens if you don’t write? 

Not writing gratitude at all is like not being thankful for your gifts in life. This has the potential of losing your gifts.

Or simply stating your gratitude unconsciously with not many meaningful thoughts and feelings is not good enough either. Doing so leaves you with an empty feeling inside.

It is therefore an opportunity not to be missed. The effort put into writing leads to more grace. By writing, you give credit to the Creator!

I used to not write and simply say it – until I met an Akashic Record reader. She informed me about the power of gratitude and how writing leads to transformation inside and out.

The blessings simply multiply along the way. Ultimately, it is the love and devotion to this work that counts.

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So are you willing to transform? Are you willing to write? If yes, then here is a bonus exercise for you!

Bonus: 4 Simple and Practical Steps for Daily Gratitude – Exercise for any Soul age

Please click here to go to the exercise. Or visit the Free Gift page for information.

Now, share the joy by writing your comments on how the exercise transformed you and what changes you saw! See you soon.

In Conclusion

Writing gratitudes will change your attitude positively. It keeps you in a state of love, surrender, and appreciation for all things in life. Be willing to credit the creator daily. It can help transform your life inside and out. 

5 Spiritual Awakening Questions – WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHEN, WHERE?

Sharing our own transformational experiences of awakening helps guide the journey of our lives and those of others. I have gathered 5 inspiring, thought-provoking, and important questions in my journey. These questions are in the form of What, Why, Who, Where, and When of spiritual awakening.

I’ll be sharing my wisdom by awakening you to: What is Spiritual awakening? Why does our soul awaken? Who are you when you awaken? When does spiritual awakening happen? Where is the awakening happening?

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Spiritual Awakening Question #1 – WHAT: What is Spiritual awakening? 

Spiritual awakening is a process whereby our soul starts to awaken. It searches for a deeper meaning to life and its purpose.

It is a transformation that tends to take place internally and changes you inside and out. One example is of a caterpillar that transforms and grows into a butterfly. In other words, it is a complete change over from an old version of you to a newer version of you.

During the process, it is a feeling that puts your old you in a state of unrest as if something is missing, and in turn, makes you feel that life on earth is meaningless. I felt as if someone else, not me, was trapped in this body and wanted to be liberated. As we slowly awaken internally, we realize our soul’s true calling and purpose.

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Spiritual Awakening Question #2- WHY: Why does our soul awaken?

Why does anyone want to wake up? We have set aside some tasks at a spiritual level that we want to complete. This is similar to your to-do list in your life on autopilot. You may have a to-do list of items to complete that now needs to manifest at a physical level.

What is your to-do list? This is where a question of what is my purpose of reincarnation as a human in this life? I tend to ask: Why am I here at this time of the century on this planet?

The answer is mostly related to a higher purpose and being of service to others. Doing this service in actuality helps raise your own vibrations and the vibrations of the planet.

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Spiritual Awakening Question #3- WHO:  Who are you when you awaken?

The question of who am I starts to emerge in your mind? I know I am a human being during autopilot mode. But you begin to realize that you are more to being a human.

In essence, there is some mental disagreement and dissatisfaction in knowing that we are human. Perhaps you may find out by following the signs from the universe (in the form of objects, books, internet searches, or even other beings) that you are an alien in a human form to help save humanity.

In fact, the point is you start to search for yourself restlessly. This is a time to reflect on yourself. That leads to loving yourself more. In turn, realizing yourself. Your true self.

You are actually a spiritual light being wearing a human suit going through life lessons courageously. It is a realization and a belief that gets stronger over time. You eventually awaken to who you really are inside.

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Spiritual Awakening Question #4- WHEN:  When does spiritual awakening happen?

The question of when spiritual awakening happens is very critical and worth knowing. When you reach your lowest point in life, it is then that your spiritual awakening is set to trigger as per the divine design.

The lowest points are your greatest teachers. The lowest points in life may include any or all of the following happening simultaneously: total career dissatisfaction, the serious life-threatening illness of your loved one and or even yourself, the death of a family member or relative, failing in exams/tests/certifications, passed on for promotions, toxic work relationships or toxic family relationships.

It is also possible that you may get hints from the universe that your reincarnation cycle is nearing its end. It is not feasible to calculate this until your last breath. But you will see some difference in the form of lost friendships, family members, relatives, or other types of relationships simply moving away from you.

What’s worse is, you may not know you are going through an awakening until you have reached the tail end of it. This is a gradual process that takes years to realize that you are actually going through one.

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Spiritual Awakening Question #5- WHERE: Where is the awakening happening? 

Just like you wake up from a dream and the dream is nowhere outside, all the awakening symptoms are invisible and going on inside of you. Several symptoms include: feeling lost, anxiety, depression, fear of the unknown even during the times when things are just fine.

You start to feel different inside. Your vision becomes more clear as you tend to use your soul’s eye or the third eye. The truth and knowledge of this world start to open. You start to see life lessons more clearly inside. You stop judging people; start to locate your true feelings inside, and begin to surrender and let go.

You also see yourself as the divine and see divinity in all things. You wake up to what is real and live in the moment. You get a glimpse of your dharma, duty and your life purpose inside that starts to reflect in your attitude outside.

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We learned about the What, Why, Who, Where, and When of spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is an internal soul transformation that changes you inside and out. It is a gradual process that takes years to realize that you are actually going through one. You are actually a spiritual light being wearing a human suit going through life lessons courageously.

You get a glimpse of your dharma, duty and your life purpose inside that starts to reflect in your attitude outside. You realize that you have a higher purpose – being of service to others. Doing this service in actuality helps raise your own vibrations and the vibrations of the planet.

3 Checks and Change: Examine Your Life For Lessons Now

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

The Buddha

Let us examine our life now. We are rapidly progressing more and more in all areas of advancements – big computerized houses, robots, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, auto-driven cars, etc.

But then we are also growing in dis-eases with challenging mindsets, exceedingly high egos, mindless attitudes, overwhelming comparisons, thankless attitudes and so on.

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Quest for more is not quenched even during the final days as advanced booking for the most desired funeral is opted for to show-off a very fancy style death.

The person at the death bed is choosing to sleep in his coffin with a gold chain and ample of gold coins in his hands in the hopes of taking that precious hard-earned worth to play with after death. It is still time to perform 3 checks and change in your life!

Check and Change #1: Examine your life

We are accumulating infinite worth to live a finite number of breaths. Simply put, we don’t need that much. Do you see the lesson here? A perfect example is of a King named Alexander the Great. He won all the battles and all the riches of his lifetime. But eventually felt all this to be meaningless.

So he wanted to show the world that there is no need or end to this craving. After his death, his both hands were empty, outside the coffin to teach us a lesson that you will eventually leave empty-handed.

That was then and this is now – where people are still in hopes and are still living mindlessly and organizing fancy deaths. So spiritual lesson is of desire for more but what are we trying to achieve eventually?

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Check and Change #2: More is less and less is more

What are we trying to achieve? Happiness? If you are not happy now, then you will not be happy later. Besides, with some material gains, we can be happy now but that momently happiness or excitement will leave you empty after a short period of time. This applies to all areas of life: wealth, health, relationships, and career.

What we are trying to achieve is a state of peace and contentment. That state of being. Just being in that present moment. Being able to do more with less.

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According to Pareto’s 80/20 principle, we just need that 20% of things in life that will give us 80% of that state of peace and contentment. We are currently running after 80% of things that are giving us only 20% of satisfaction. In turn, causing all sorts of energy drainage in the form of depression, anxiety, fear of all sorts.

Check and Change #3: Energy drainage is a dis-ease with a message

We are running our lives in a state of dis-ease instead of ease. It is a state of mental disorder. We have become more depressed which is a sign from the universe at an emotional level.

This is a form of negative energy that is invading your aura to teach you something. It is a lower level vibration that is trying to say something to you. There is a hidden encrypted message.

If you are trying to achieve something in life and you are not able to, then you may keep trying. But if you are seeing a repeated pattern of failure and getting deeply depressed, then witness it as the first step and understand that some change is required.

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People are instead turning towards change to end their life and commit suicide. It is a time to step-up but in a different direction. Use your free-will instead of exiting from your free-will. Examine your life.

Perhaps, your soul is growing exceedingly and your material mind is not able to catch up or accept this change or simply not decipher this encrypted message.

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to witness these alerts from the universe? Are you willing to read what the message contains for you? Reflecting on these questions will help you put your mind from a mindless to a mindful state of existence.


Examine your life now. Check to see if it requires change. Check and change your habit by applying Pareto’s 80/20 principle. Find the message in those areas that are causing your energy to drain. Reflect on the three checks and change in every way and every day.

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12 Spiritual Life Lessons For Soul Growth

“You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed, but the way you respond has. This is true energy self mastery.”

Vibrational Medicine

Our soul grows spiritually by exploring numerous life lessons one after another. Day in and day out you are challenging yourself unconsciously to grow. But are you aware of these life lessons?

Soul growth comes from learning, applying, changing; and then questioning why we are doing what we are doing. When we start to question our own life, its purpose, environment, relationships, careers, circumstances, the very stories we are living, then we start to awaken spiritually.

Spiritual Awakening is a very gradual process and occurs when you understand what lessons you are learning and pass those tests in life. Your worst triggers are your best lessons in life. Every pain is here to teach you a lesson. I have posted some additional lessons here. Should I leave my job during Spiritual Awakening? and 5 Questions on Synchronicity: Universe’s real-time alert notification

As an example, if you are stuck in your comfort zone or the daily grind, then the lesson is to assert your courage, willpower, and enthusiasm to come out of it. Do not repress your feelings due to fear of change. The lesson is to gain mastery and evolve by taking that leap of faith, taking that bold “first step” to move past that hurdle. Whether it is feeling stuck in a limited belief pattern related to career, relationships, money, personality, environment, or any arena of life you choose to play the game and learn lessons from in your human suit!

Ask yourself each time: what spiritual lesson my soul is learning from the specific circumstance I’m in. Try answering these questions below as food for thought. These 12 spiritual life lesson questions for soul growth will help as a start.

Spiritual Life Lesson #1: Perfectionism

Am I trying to be perfect? I should be earning this certification in 3 years? I should be in this career or be promoted in 1 year? I should have an A or a 100 score in a game? Can you forgive yourself if you are unable to achieve perfection? Can you live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life now and not hurry with unrealistic timeframes?

Please read the new post on 6 Spiritual Lessons on Perfectionism

Spiritual Life lesson #2: Avoiding conflicts

Am I running away from conflicts at work, relationships, careers instead of solving them? Am I avoiding something such as a new job or transition to a new career so that I can always be in my comfort zone? Facing your worse fears can teach you much more than running away from them. Step out of your comfort zone and do something non-career related to start with.

Spiritual Life Lesson #3: Worrying about your image

Am I tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, pretty, handsome, rich, poor? Am I INFJ or other MBTI type, Old soul, Wanderer, HSP or highly sensitive person, Empath? Am I having any limiting beliefs about myself inside or out? Am I an image worrier! Talk yourself into appreciating yourself often. Love yourself. You were, are, and will be what you fear most. Stop worrying and enjoy the human journey.

Spiritual Life Lesson #4: Let go, surrender, contentment, peace, and love

Am I holding onto something like a desire, thought, resentment, regret, emotion, or a physical object? Am I content, peaceful, and loving my life right now? The more you start loving something or someone, the more you will start letting it go. To find contentment and peace, just surrender and watch how the magical event unfolds.

You may find this post inspiring: Get Unstuck, Let go or Surrender: Pearls of Wisdom

Spiritual Life Lesson #5: I’m not worthy or good enough

Am I not worthy of being rich? Am I not worthy of that promotion? Am I not good enough to be receiving abundance in the form of love, relationships, health, wealth? Being worthy is a choice that needs an inner voice. Your inner voice. Think and you will be worthy and it is good enough.

Spiritual Life Lesson #6: Rich people are bad people

Am I limiting my belief that rich people are inherently bad and I should therefore not be rich? Am I limiting my belief that money is bad? Money is a neutral tool. Utilize money in doing good deeds, open a charity or donation center, and simply be a good human being. Many rich people do that.

Spiritual Life Lesson #7: Comparison

Am I comparing myself to someone or something? Am I buying something just because another person has it? Am I comparing myself with my colleagues and or friends? Am I as successful as my neighbor?

Comparison creates shame, guilt, fear, depression, anxiety, stress, and possible death of your self-love inside or a loved one outside. 

Mindless comparison never ends until you end it. It brings you down to a negative and the lowest level of human consciousness.

Just remember that you are a unique eternal soul on a unique journey with a unique set of karmas. You came to earth school with enough life lessons to learn of your own. Just remember to do your classwork or homework without copying or comparing other’s work. 

Spiritual Life Lesson #8: Analysis Paralysis

Am I analyzing too many thoughts and going nowhere? Am I analyzing too many situations and not able to come up with a solution leading to not being able to meet any goals in a few days, months, or even years? When you are unable to stop overwhelming thoughts, just take a breather.

Spiritual Life Lesson #9: Learning to receive or give

Am I willing to receive as much as I’m willing to give and vice-versa? Am I stopping myself and blocking my success when the universe is giving me in abundance? There will be times when your good deeds will come to an end, and the bad ones too. Sometimes it is hard to give but it is equally hard to receive if you are being too humble. Be willing to accept the abundance that is coming your way.

Spiritual Life Lesson #10: Gratitude

Am I thanking enough and daily? Am I giving enough credit to myself and the source for all the good that is happening around me? An attitude of gratitude brings love, compassion, contentment, and peace by slowly eliminating anxiety, fear of the unknown, depression, comparison and analysis/paralysis.

In turn, gratitude brings your mind to a state of being – in the present moment – one of the most powerful states to operate at this physical three-dimensional density. Just be willing to give thanks and you will witness wonders.

Please view the Free Gift section for a gratitude exercise.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #11: Depression, Anxiety or Fear of Unknown

Am I living a life in fear of the unknown without any reason? Am I in a constant state of fear feeling as if I have an exam tomorrow and I’m not prepared for it? Am I anxious to know what lies tomorrow and depressed as a result? Am I living in a state of suppressing my desires whether it be life or death?

If you are in this state currently, then it is time you examine your life very deeply. These are signs that you are now required to raise your vibrations. You can do that by being grateful for what you have and start by examining your life.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #12: I know or Willingness to listen

Do you realize that your ego prevents you from the willingness to know more when you say, “I know”? Did you say, “I know what these 12 spiritual life lessons are while you were reading them”?

Did you catch the deep hidden messages and realize that these spiritual lessons tend to change your level of consciousness and raise the vibrations of this planet? If not, then be willing to learn, check, and change yourself. It is best to remain silent if you know and just listen anyway.

But what if you really know? Then, exercise patience. Recognize that it is a test of patience. Are you willing to be patient? Maybe it is time to breathe and your lesson is to be willing to accept just that – be patient.

So a willing attitude changes us instantaneously from a negative pride-state of inflated ego to an optimistic positive-state of being. With constant and consistent practice it will ultimately bring you to a higher state of consciousness i.e. peace.


In conclusion, we learned there are various spiritual life lessons to learn and grow from. The aforementioned series of questions can help guide you as to where your lessons can be found whether it be a career, relationships, health, etc. Doing so helps us steer our life towards being in our desired state -long term happiness. This implies being contented with life and being at peace.

Image courtesy: Pexels & Other Freelance Photographers