Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth

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Have you had that feeling of being fearful about losing your job? And that thought led to more fear of survival itself? Who will take care of my kids? Who will pay for the mortgage?

The worry simply adds on. And these all feel so real. Then you start to feel miserable, lonely, empty inside. And all that panic, sickness, and confusion kicks in that make you feel more negative, exhausted and depleted in your energy levels. 

Unfortunately, this gives way to more fear and negativity, and you start to say to yourself silently: you are not good enough; you are not worthy or you have no divine guidance – as you start to lose all hope. 

Does this lead to searching for answers on the internet as to what to do? (Perhaps that is why you are here.) Navigating through your fear is truly a blessing and is the purpose of this post. 

This post is will help you get past your fears and guide you to what to do as we will delve into:

  1. How fear can be a blessing in disguise?
  2. Why fear fear?
  3. What to fear and what not to fear?
  4. How to find your lessons when you are in a state of fear?
  5. How does fear limit us?

Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth: Question 1: How fear can be a blessing in disguise?

Think of fear as a bridge that you need to pass through. But we remain on that bridge for a very long time. The bridge is the pathway that leads to a realization of your great lessons learned on the other side. 

If you are here to learn how to overcome the fear of inadequacy, then you will be placed in a life story where you may feel that you don’t have enough money before you can quit your job. 

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But the blessing lies in trusting and believing that you have enough money to survive. This fear motivates you to look for an alternate life. It steers you into finding a job that pays less, but you get to work fewer hours and still provide for your family. 

But we simply don’t trust the divine plan because we are very fearful. The question of what if keeps coming to our mind. What-ifs are illusions. Hold the what-ifs by the horns and move out of your comfort zone

So instead of sticking with our fear and not letting it go, you should fear fear so much that you start to let it go and surrender

Honestly, I repeat, we should fear fear itself, and strive to do our best and leave the rest so His grace flows freely.

Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth: Question 2: Why fear fear?

Fear brings a profound sense of understanding and realization about the nature of your karma or actions in transit. When you are being fearful about an event, person, or a thing, you know deep down inside why but instead of resolving it, you suppress it or try to escape from it. 

When the fear reaches a tipping point, it means that you are not in alignment with the divine will. Fear was a signpost that there was something that you were not doing correctly. 

This is why you must know yourself and be yourself. When you are being your authentic self, and doing your authentic purpose for what you are here to do, the fear simply loses its grip on you. I teach that in my 1-1 coaching sessions.

There is much joy, love, beauty in knowing yourself and being yourself. It is easy and comes naturally. Try it with your kids, and wife for a day. Look in their eyes and simply feel grateful for what you have. The fear will go away.

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 Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth: Question 3: What to fear and what not to fear?

Fear is an illusion. The thoughts that run in your mind are just that, thoughts. You can easily bring it into form by taking fearful actions. But you have been doing that and are now paying for the consequences. Your thoughts need to be pure, positive, optimal, and loving. 

What to fear? You must be fearful to have an attitude of fear. Ask yourself: how does it feel to be fearful? Why am I doing the things that I am fearful of?

What not to fear? Don’t fear your thoughts? Transcend them. I teach that in my coaching sessions. 

Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth: Question 4: How to find your lessons when you are in a state of fear?

By deep-diving into asking meaningful questions that help you reason out your fear. Ask yourself: why is it happening to me?

  • If it is work: what is so fearful at work?
  • If it is your environment: what is so fearful about the environment?
  • If it is your relationship: what is so fearful about the relationship?

I wrote many blog posts on spiritual life lessons that we are here to learn. Those are a great starting gate. Read them to see what resonates with you the most. Then take appropriate actions or reach out to me for guidance. 

There are various lessons that you learn as a courageous soul such as boldness, love, respect, unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, balance, comfort zone, surrender, letting go, gratitude, and of course fear of many things. 

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With a limited mind, we expand ourselves and evolve through various life lessons build on fear. You just need to be conscious enough to allow, accept and embrace the changes.

Fear accelerates Spiritual Growth: Question 5How does fear limit us?

Fear limits our capacity to think outside our mental construct. Fear is born of lack of something. It limits us from thinking that we don’t have enough. That we are limited. 

It also makes us feel that life has no purpose. That there is no reason to live. It is better to commit suicide. It is a trickster. It robs us of living our purpose-driven life. 

On the brighter side, it makes us feel that life is meaningless which means that it is time that we start to look for the meaning in life, and not to end our life. 

A meaningful life is aligned with our divine purpose and plan and what we are here to do. The mind needs to be detoxed off fear so that we can think, and act clearly. So fear is good until it is not. It can even kill your appetite for meditation. Once you have learned your lessons, you need to move on. 

But many stick to it. Repress it and deep down inside feel guilty, depressed, disappointed and then play the blame game – so and so is bad. No one is bad. It is our perception that needs a transformation. As a transformation coach, I help you find your shining side! 

Fear helps us realize that we have set an upper limit that affects not only how we live by doing but also by being. That is, by being fearful and by doing meaningless work or being in an environment that is fearful. 

Ultimately, when the quality and quantity of trust and surrender will increase and outweigh the quantity of fear, then you will transcend fear. 

But you need to work at it, not escape it, by giving yourself plenty of time to slow down your thoughts until you can take care of yourself and disregard outside comparisons and competitions that deplete your energy. 

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From my experience, once you have completely surrendered you will be divinely guided and experience firsthand how fear can accelerate spiritual growth leading to true spiritual awakening

So are you willing to move past your fear? Do you have what it takes to move in a meaningful direction in life? Are you ready for a quick discovery call?

Then check my service page or contact me for a discovery call.

In Conclusion

Fear can accelerate spiritual growth. It brings a profound sense of understanding and realization about the nature and lessons of your karma. We need to reason out why we are fearful instead of escaping from it.

Although fear makes us feel that life is meaningless, it also helps us realize that it is then time to start looking for the meaning in life, and not to end our life. 

Ultimately, when the quality and quantity of trust and surrender will increase and outweigh the quantity of fear, then you will transcend fear, will experience divine will at play firsthand, and witness how fear can accelerate spiritual growth leading to true spiritual awakening. 

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Image courtesy: Pexels & Other Freelance Photographers

Blogging: 8 Spiritual Life Lessons on the conscious stream of blog post writing

“If you are looking to start blogging, my advice is to start now – it holds the key to many breakthroughs and transformations. Writing books takes many days or months; whereas, blogging is a faster process – a day to a few hours. Perhaps, this may be the very art or legacy you leave behind for life has its twists and turns.”

Manprit Suri

 I planted the seed of blogging in 2020 with no clue that it would lead me to a spectrum of spiritual life lessons. If you are looking to start blogging, my advice is to start now – it holds the key to many breakthroughs and transformations. Writing books takes many days or months; whereas, blogging is a faster process – a day to a few hours. Perhaps, this may be the very art or legacy you leave behind for life has its twists and turns. 

If you wait longer or do not attempt it, you may continue to feel breakdowns, low, depression, or a feeling of being lost and confused. So go after what is meaningful in life without focusing on success.

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on the greater meaning”

Oprah Winfrey

Taming your mind to kick start a habit requires a small amount of daily effort and enthusiasm mixed with two spoons of courage and a hint of willingness. It is the recipe for initiating and maintaining a blog. I could have never imagined that I would ever write a blog post inspiring you on writing a blog! But it is worth it.  

Quite frankly, it will nurture your soul and mind. The thoughts that you never knew existed inside of yourself will pour out.

I had difficulty starting as I did not know what to write. But I kept watering the seed routinely. It feels good. In fact, great!

Blogging became a necessary part of connecting inside. The nagging urge to write started during the time of COVID. The acronym for COVID could have very well been Connecting Onto Voice Inside Daily via positive blogging or COVID+B!

While writing blog posts, I realized that I was freeing some space in my mind and letting life run its course on the screen. There was a way with words that started to become apparent with time. A path or a road that was less traveled was unfolding. 

In this post, I will delve into 8 spiritual life lessons on consciousness blog post writing: 

  1. Unleash Creativity
  2. Synchronicities
  3. Present Moment
  4. Grounding in Gratitude
  5. Spiritual Awakening
  6. Finding Life Purpose
  7. Surrendering to the Flow
  8. Letting go and Release

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #1: Unleash creativity 

Blogging allows you to unleash the creativity hidden deep within your soul. A conscious stream of thought runs like magic. It feels like a stream of channeled energy coming deep inside from your higher or purer mind. After you unleash this hidden talent, it feels like dancing with the divine. 

You have no control over this creative creature. Creativity exists in the absence of control structures. Structures can be anything that limits your thoughts, imagination or leads you to analysis paralysis. So the lesson is to let your creativity shine uncontrollably. 

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #2: Synchronicities 

Synchronicities mean meaningful coincidences. After a few posts, you start to see a pattern emerge that helps you connect with various topics you have written.  

Moreover, while I was writing this post, I realized that it is a start of a New Year 2022. If you want to start a blog as part of the new year’s resolution, I can help you get started with my 1-on-1 coaching. 

The year 2022, as per astrology and numerology, is the year of growth. Blogging is the best way to grow if you want to be a life coach, come out of your comfort zone, create a website or business.

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #3: Present moment 

Blogging helps you focus and reflect on what is meaningful in your life right now. It helps you find pearls of wisdom by tapping onto the divine knowledge that you hold with at the present moment.  

This art of expressing purifies your mind further. It brings your attention to hear now. It then helps you hold on to the present moment. It shows you life as it is happening and cradles you in your thoughts.

You laugh, cry, love, hold compassion in your mind for little things that mean the most. You feel a sense of joy at the moment. It helps you create a sacred space within yourself to appreciate the divine adventure we call life.

“If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up — to know that there’s life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way. Creativity exists in the present moment. You can’t find it anywhere else.”

Natalie Goldberg

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #4: Grounding in Gratitude 

When we write posts, we learn to appreciate every little thing we take for granted. When we ground ourselves with the thoughts of gratitude, we take a deep divine into what we are truly thankful for. It makes us realize that there is so much to write daily.

There is so much credit to give to the Creator and daily. Expressing so much love, gratitude, and appreciation in your posts helps nurture an abundance mindset.

There is no wonder that an attitude of gratitude is the way to live. So write and live in an abundance of ease and grace all the time!

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #5: Spiritual Awakening 

Awakening is a process where your awareness increases and takes a quantum leap. Blogging is a way to see that in action. To see what is hidden deep within you. To experience the transformation with the help of this skill of communication we call writing.

There is a famous adage that the pen is mightier than the sword. It boosts the credibility and power of writing -and has the potential to transform yourself and others. It can be your legacy and is long-lived indeed.

When you awaken, you engage your soul to fight with shadows, inner work and come out strong. Without expressing your divinity in the process that your soul urges you to, such as the art of blogging, you lose that precious time and precious moments.

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #6: Finding life purpose 

If life feels meaningless, you are not fulfilling your purpose. When you start to write on various topics, you see the interconnectedness of the misery of mystery of feeling meaningless.

Blogging helps you find your life purpose. I realized that I was required to push myself out of my comfort zone to find my purpose. 

Until I engaged my conscious stream of thoughts deeply on the comfort zone evolution topic, I realized what was happening. Humanity is suffering due to living uncomfortably in its comfort zone. Ikigai is a good starting gate. 

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #7: Surrendering to the flow 

I had to surrender to the flow of thoughts and see what came out. A little effort, in the beginning, started the flow. I then felt divinely guided to write these topics.  

My lesson in this life is to learn to surrender and let life guide me on my journey. I need to remember that I am a passenger on the train of life, not the driver.

The lesson of patience and submission to the divine will is a strong message and a reminder in my blogging journey.

There is no free will. There never was – it was only conditional. When you are asleep, you are experiencing free will. After you are awake, you experience divine will.   

Spiritual life Lesson on Blogging #8: Letting go and Release 

Blogging is an act of journaling your vulnerabilities out into the world. Why would anyone want to do that? It is an act of courage. Moreover, it is a bold way to release and let go of what is not your true self.

When you showcase your vulnerabilities, you tend to allow your repressive, limiting thoughts to come to the surface. As you express them openly, you release them openly.

These thoughts were what was making your life feel meaningless as you had been holding them back for ages. As you do, you tend to embrace a true authentic self that makes you feel calm deep down inside, slows you down, makes you feel lighter, and feel happier.

It is better to binge-write blogs than to binge-watch TV. It is better to let go of TV and your limiting beliefs and mindset. 

Blogging has so many life lessons to offer. It is all possible when you start writing.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

Tony Robbins

The question is how willing are you? Do you have what it takes? What do you want to leave behind? 

In Conclusion

There is a spectrum of benefits to blogging. Starting a blog requires a small amount of daily effort and enthusiasm mixed with two spoons of courage and a hint of willingness.

Blogging allows you to unleash creativity. You start to see synchronicities in topics like magic. It helps you find pearls of wisdom by tapping onto the divine knowledge that you hold with at the present moment. Expressing so much love, gratitude, and appreciation in your posts helps nurture an abundance mindset.

The lesson of patience and submission to the divine will is a strong message and a reminder in our blogging journey and spiritual awakening. Blogging helps you find your life purpose. It is an act of journaling your vulnerabilities out into the world. Doing so helps release repressed feelings and lets you go of your limiting beliefs.

Creating Future Vision: Spiritual Life lessons from my accident

“Everything in this creation is divine. You have this birth to decorate this creation with your divine creativity. All you need is willingness, a vision, and an eye for this creativity to happen through you. You are the vessel for the divine creation. So vision wisely and with love. For the magic to happen, you first need to believe in it, vision it.”

Manprit Suri

After reading this post, you will believe in the power of vision. You will believe in your power of thoughts and how it can help create your future for better or worse. And you will do it now or soon – the transformational power is phenomenal. I have experienced it firsthand and many times. What is the best time to create your future vision than now? 

In this post, we’ll delve into: 

1. Why is it necessary to hold a future vision? 

2. What does it mean to create a future vision anyway?

3. What spiritual life lessons did I learn from my accident?

4. How can you create a future vision?

5. What happens if you don’t hold a vision for a brighter future?

Future Vision Question#1: Why is it necessary to hold a future vision? 

I had no clue about creating a deep future vision, let alone how important it can be. Then I learned a great deal from my mirror therapy during an accident that changed my mind and belief completely. I’ll be delving into this shortly.

Moreover, I have experienced firsthand the power of creating a future vision for various personal and spiritual projects in my life. It allowed me to move out of my old habits, start writing blogs, create a website, create content, earn my spiritual life coaching certification and even serve my clients for the highest good for all. All this in a one-year timeframe. 

Seeing its ultra importance, I have learned and now coach others to create powerful visions for the future. 

It is a hero’s journey where we are all heroes. We need to remember it. Some life-changing traumas shake us up from our roots to see what we are capable of doing. 

Future Vision Question#2:What does it mean to create a future vision anyway?

Creating a vision means to imagine what you like to do, be or have. You should be able to visualize it as already done. It is an exercise and has far-reaching results. 

As a spiritual coach, I encourage my clients to go all-in using their spiritual eyes. It’s a co-creative process. It is to see beyond the material possession and goals and more towards what feels good to your soul. You are ultimately creating a future that serves a higher purpose for yourself and humanity as a whole. 

Future Vision Question#3: What spiritual life lesson did I learn from my accident?

I had fractured and dislocated the wrist bone of my right hand the past year. The pain was chronic and severe. It leads me to go through several therapies for many months.  

The severity of pain signaled from my hand to the brain was even more intense. 

I tried several modalities, but the pain wasn’t getting back to normal. But this one therapy had a very positive effect. It was called mirror therapy. 

What is mirror therapy?

Mirror therapy is defined by Wiki as: 

Mirror therapy (MT) or mirror visual feedback (MVF) is a therapy for pain or disability that affects one side of the patient more than the other side. It was invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to treat post-amputation patients who suffered from phantom-limb pain (PLP).”

How this works is, a mirror is placed in between both my arms. When I exercise both my arms, I look in the mirror that reflects the image of my (good) left arm. The illusion is that I could see the image (of my left arm reflected) as my right arm. The illusionary image in the mirror showing my right arm moving as normal signaled my brain that my right arm was fine! If this is confusing, try doing it at home or check some of the images here: https://www.physio-pedia.com/Mirror_Therapy

What was happening? I was fooling my brain into thinking that my right arm could move normally. The vision was so real that I could move normally without any pain in my mind’s eye. It was a very promising therapy. I had to perform this exercise daily and a few times throughout the day. 

In a few weeks, the results were phenomenal as my right arm started getting its normal range of motion back. The fact is that I kept seeing my future vision in the mirror frequently and daily. It signaled positive thoughts and changed my belief in the brain.

From a spiritual perspective, there are many life lessons I learned from this accident: 

  • The limited role we play, our beliefs, and attitudes are all illusions created within our limited minds as mental projections. These are our karmas. These are what we are trying to clear. It is a result of our conditioning, environment, people, etc. These impressions on our minds are our sanskaras. 
  • We tend to create lower vibrations and stay as long as we want. But we forget how to come out of it. We are the unconscious creators of our destiny. So we keep enduring the pain unless some way-shower guides us the way out. Someone shows us a better way. 
  • As you awaken, you realize that you do have a choice to change your reality. You can make conscious decisions and change the course of your destiny. 
  • Once you start taking the first step, you will see your free will of creating a vision merging with the divine will. When you surrender to the divine will, you will see no difference as you come to realize that you had no free will. It was conditional. The first step is the vision, and the intention must be strong.
  • We are too afraid to look into the mirror. Or worse, we don’t have time for it. The fact is that even time is an illusion and can be bent, as per Albert Einstein. We create time with our thoughts and visions that lead to our self-deception and illusions. That is the number one reason, we should slow down our pace of life and slow down our thoughts, and slow down our breaths. 
  • The problem is that we are too preoccupied with this drama of life. We keep struggling in this quick stand that we have self-created for ourselves. The irony is that we wrote our own story, and we are the hero of this story; we even wrote our exit but have forgotten who we are. It is the power of this 3-dimensional illusion. Per Albert Einstein, you cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created it. An authentic, unconditioned higher mind is needed to solve this problem.

It is a time for action. I call you now to take action now. To look into the mirror now and change the image. Your image and the dreams that you are carrying. To make a vision that empowers you. 

But how do we do it? What does it all entail? If I am willing, then what is the next step?

Future Vision Question#4:How can you create a future vision?

As the new year approaches, you too can create a better future vision for what is yet to come. Don’t limit yourself with what you cannot do. Don’t dwell on your past, or think about what you cannot do at all. The real question you need to focus on is what you really, really, really want? 

I am now offering coaching sessions to help create a brighter future vision for your authentic self. You may wish to contact me for further details. 

Ultimately, it is all about self-reflection. How do you see yourself in the mirror of your mind? What is your objective? Do you want to find a meaningful life, your life purpose? Do you want to start a blog, create new content, work on a project in 21 days, start a balanced life, be a life coach? It all starts in your mind. You can do it. I can help. The question is are you willing?

Future Vision Question#5:What happens if you don’t hold a vision for a brighter future?

If you don’t create a future vision now, you will continue to be miserable with the same old behavior, patterns, or attitude that may be sabotaging your lifestyle days and months to follow. 

“..The National Science Foundation … found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.”

source: https://tlexinstitute.com/how-to-effortlessly-have-more-positive-thoughts/

So you may continue to be in a state of guilt, fear, shame, or whatever vision you are carrying for yourself. You will remain stuck and wonder how others are getting it, and you don’t see any success in life. 

Creating a vision is a spiritual thing. I used to think that doing so is going against the will of the divine. But that is a wrong thinking process. Your free will should merge with the divine will to make you align with your higher calling, serve a higher purpose for what you are here to do, and find life to be meaningful. 

Life and this human suit is not a punishment. It is a blessing through the lens of your spiritual eye. When you don’t see it in this light, the life you will live in your shadows and feel meaningless, misaligned, confused, lost, and that is going against the will of the divine. 

Everything in this creation is divine. You are divine, and you can decorate this creation with your creativity. All you need is willingness, vision, and an eye for this creativity. 

In Conclusion

Creating a vision means to imagine what you will like to do, be or have. Believe in your power of thoughts and how it can help shape your future for better or worse. This transformational power is phenomenal. 

The power of creating a future vision for various personal and spiritual projects can allow one to move out of old habits, start writing blogs, create a website, create content, earn spiritual life coaching certification and even serve clients for the highest good for all.

Creating a vision is a spiritual thing. Your free will should merge with the divine will to make you align with your higher calling, serve a higher purpose for what you are here to do, and find life to be meaningful. 

Everything in this creation is divine. You are divine, and you can decorate this creation with your creativity. All you need is willingness, vision, and an eye for this creativity. 

Image courtesy: Pexels & Other Freelance Photographers

Self-Love: A game worth playing

“The intense rules of the game of self-love involve: having healthy boundaries, creating a discipline for balance, nurturing self-compassion, growing in gratitude, evolving in self-worth, being mindful of self-care. It is a courageous hero’s journey. All you need to do is to let go and surrender even more – so you always win.”

Manprit Suri

All of the labels and titles in life that we call ourselves are not our self. We are unconsciously attached to it with force. Our five senses create this forceful illusion of unconscious conditional attachments to earthly 3-dimensional existence. And eventually, we become unbalanced, exhausted, burned out, and remain a victim or slaves of it. 

We assume that we are powerless without it. If you enter a challenge/game with no power, what kind of challenger are you? 

What is our power? Love. It is your divine power. It is your conscious power. Having a love relationship with yourself is the key to driving the divine power. 

As you awaken spiritually, you realize the power of self-love. Knowing how to channel your positive energy, power, or love consciously is the name of the game. 

In this post, we’ll delve into:

  • What is Self-love?
  • How to decondition self-love?
  • What is Self?
  • What are the criteria of teaching self-love?
  • How to play the game of self-love?
  • Can we play the game of self-love now?
  • When is the right time to start self-love?

Self-Love: Question #1: What is Self-love?

Self-love means giving more attention and awareness to your own ‘inner’ power or self with compassion. Giving priority to your inner-being leads to your well-being. Doing so requires vibrating with a higher level of consciousness. 

  • Self-love means being yourself, in love with yourself, being worthy of yourself. Being grateful for who you are, where you are, how you are!
  • Self-love means pushing other priorities that do not serve to love you. Creating boundaries and saying no to things, people, processes, relationships, careers that you do not love and doing what you love. 
  • Being with what you love may require isolation but may also mean balancing life the way you feel loved inside.
  • It means going to places that you love and not going to places that you don’t love. 
  • Loving your mind, your body, and your soul. Giving and receiving graceful vibrations to your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Keeping and sustaining yourself in a higher state of happiness. Doing so requires being aware and away from any conditions. 

Self-Love: Question #2:How to decondition self-love?

Self-love can only happen in the absence of conditioning. The more you start to love yourself, the more deconditioning tends to occur. The many layers of the false sense of self begin to go away. 

Self-love strips away unconscious biases and the victim consciousness mentality caused due to comparisons, competitions, and conditions – weights on your soul-self. Such things only leave us with the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression in the long run.

We need to dissolve our false self (not-self) to find the inner self. Only then can we truly understand our true selves and then experience the nature of self-love. 

The problem is we don’t quite remember what self-love feels like anymore. An even bigger problem is we have forgotten what self means. 

We have been busy becoming ‘not’ ourselves for decades and lifetimes that we have forgotten what it means to be ourself let alone love it. So we first need to come to terms with the definition of self itself!

Self-Love: Question #3:What is Self?

A self is beyond the terms we are given by our so-called society, relatives, and cultures. These terms are condition-naming limiting variables of our inner self that keep changing as we move across our timeline on this planet earth. 

There are various types such as dad, mom, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, religious titles, career titles, country titles such as citizens, aliens, etc. – a tiring proposition to remember them all. 

The real question is that are we the titles and labels? If so, then we wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have them? The titles did not exist before you started a career, had a baby, were married, when you were still in college, studying in school, were kids, an infant was still in the mother’s womb.  

These labels keep us tied here in competitions, comparisons only to create a divide among us humans – to belittle us if we don’t recognize them or achieve the many ambitions placed on us. Such living only distances us from our original self and makes us feel inferior. Why? Because it is a guilt game, not a game of self-love. 

Such a game is not worth playing. At least not anymore as it encourages corruption, self-hate, self-blame. It is a time of karmic settlement. We should consciously end such a game now. The challenge is that these titles are a necessary evil in our society. 

But unless your SELF hits rock bottom in life via life-changing traumas or events that trigger you to wonder if these things are what we are here for, you will never wake up to the reality. The traumas include mental illness, seizures, cancer, NDE or near-death experience, or anything that could trigger your spiritual awakening. 

It is after all these setbacks that you realize self-love is indeed a game worth playing. But how? What are the criteria?

Self-Love: Question #4:What are the criteria of teaching self-love?

Why teach? The best way to learn something is to teach it. You can only teach self-love when you have learned it yourself. Otherwise, your service to others will feel hollow from inside. 

To teach self-love, you must first reach a state in life where you feel a sense of emptiness, lack of something meaningful, something inadequate that gives birth to low self-esteem, lower vibrational frequency, unconscious living, and low confidence. Interestingly, this is the very state of our century currently. 

Many are reaching this tipping point or striving to unconsciously. It is the truth. And, it is also the criteria or an unconscious learning step towards self-love. That is, feeling miserable and hating yourself – by attaching to things outside of yourself and detaching from your inside self. 

Interestingly, you go through setbacks, unconscious self-hate, feeling not good enough, and floating in lower vibrations to ultimately wake up and rise, recognize, and realize the process of self-love. 

It is after you have distanced your outer self with your inner self far enough that you will come to realize your true self and start loving it. 

Self-love is a game worth playing and then teaching. But you will need courage for both as you will be challenged and stretched in all different directions. 

Simply knowing you are playing the game is a blessing in disguise that ultimately leads to increased awareness of yourself.

Self-Love: Question #5:How to play the game of self-love?

In my experience, self-love is a challenging but playful journey of self-compassion, self-worth, self-care, gratitude, courage, discipline, let-go, surrender, boundaries, balance. It’s quite an art of living away from the ordinary. It is a forgotten art. It is a game that requires playing with a different elevated level of consciousness.

I deeply contemplated my steps for playing this game after reading David Hawkins’s spectrum of consciousness levels. Then I created my own game of self-love to help trigger you.

This game is real and comes with a warning – it will transform you inside. It will elevate your consciousness. 

Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind and body. Be in the right environment of calm. Most of all, you need to permit yourself if you wish to play this game. If you are willing to play and are ready, then let us play now.

Self-Love: Question #6:Can we play the game of self-love now?

Yes. Read the steps below, and follow them carefully:

  1. The first step is to admit that we don’t know how to play this game. To surrender to the fact that there exists a more conscious solution beyond what you think. To permit to the core of your being that there is a way to play this game. This level of empowerment comes with courage – to admit that you don’t know what you don’t know. Permitting self-love is an act of courage. Then affirming, “I love myself” should be a good starting point. Hold that thought and contemplate on it. 
  2. The second step is to be willing to learn the art of self-love. To allow it to happen. Do not block it. To be teachable – to enable it to flow through you. To be willing to go beyond your limited self. To move past the ego voice of “I know” to “I am willing to know, learn and intent to trust.” Awaken to the possibility that there is indeed more to know than your limited mind can admit. Just trust, be hopeful, and feel positive in knowing that you are willing to learn. 
  3. The third step is accepting the way you are. Believe in yourself. Bring a sense of satisfaction for what you have. Move past the thoughts of lack – of what you don’t have. Contemplate on it: Just accepting the way things are – job, work, colleagues, project, relationships, life. Just be loving, kind, and forgiving to yourself. Just forget and let it be. Just be. Accept it. Just accept. Relax into the knowing. Just affirm, “I forgive others, myself and accept the way I am. I love myself just the way I am.” Accept the showers of love and let them fill you inside. The acceptance will trigger the thoughts of self-worth. 
  4. The fourth step will automatically trigger you to find reasons for what you are truly worth. Start to find the meaning in life that you have forgotten, give importance to your being. It will provide reasons for what it is like to be human: breathing, eating, seeing, and simply living. It will trigger more specific events in mind that will show your sense of self-worth in the forgotten areas of your job, talents, skills, relationships, and the subtle art of being human. Take it all in. You will start to see the beauty in your life and respect yourself. You will understand what a remarkable person you are in essence. Perhaps even wise beyond your years. Then affirm, “I am worthy of a loving, meaningful, and purpose-driven life. I am a vessel of love, light, and positivity. I am important and worthy of love.”
  5.  The fifth step is the appreciation of yourself. You have been doing this all along. Feeling grateful for what you are inside and outside. The only difference is it is effortless. It comes naturally. You know you love yourself, take care of yourself – not once in a while, not weekly, not daily, but every moment. You evolve into this state of self-love with confidence, patience, compassion, and serenity. Look at your hands, hug yourself, be grateful for a loving heart. Just affirm, ” I am a peaceful soul. I am positive. I am grateful for everything and more. I am strong. I am love. I am Joy. I am brave. I am humble. I am a winner. I surrender to the Highest Good for all.”

As you play the other games and complete your other missions in life, be sure to repeat these affirmations daily. Integrate the game of self-love with other games you play.  Here is a video I prepared for your daily affirmations. Please click to play.

Feel the self-love!

Self-Love: Question #6:When is the right time to start self-love? 

The right time is when you have slowed down the pace of life. If you are driving your car at 50 miles an hour and see an exit sign that you need to take, how do you start taking that exit? 

The first step is to slow down. Apply your brakes. Use it now. As soon as you apply your brakes now, you will start to feel more clarity and control of the direction. Similarly, as soon as you slow down in life, you will feel an increased sense of awareness of the object you need to love – that is you. 

So slow down now. Take a day off. Week off. Month off if you can afford it. Spend time with yourself now. Course-correct your thoughts with positive affirmations daily by starting today.

In Conclusion

Self-love is the innate power to love yourself deeply at all levels: mind, body, and soul. To invoke this power, you must be with yourself, find your worth, respect yourself, take care of yourself, protect yourself with boundaries, and have a balanced life. 

Doing so requires going through the deconditioning process of yourself: removing the false labels, titles, unconscious self-hate, low self-esteem, feeling not good enough, and floating in lower vibrations until you wake up and rise, recognize, and realize the process of self-love.

The five steps to play this game help you elevate your consciousness to that level of love. 

So slowing down right now, spending time with yourself now, and course-correcting your thoughts with positive affirmations daily can help you start the game of self-love today.

Image courtesy: Pexels & Other Freelance Photographers

6 Spiritual Life Lessons and questions on Comfort Zone Evolution

If we are always in a state of becoming, then we are always evolving . Comfort Zone Evolution means to transform and evolve by transitioning to your new comfort zone mastering the lessons from the old comfort zone.

– Manprit Suri

I reached a point in my life when my interests at work, relationships, and career started to fade away. It felt unsatisfactory. I did not know what was going on. I realized that I felt comfortable being uncomfortable. But it sure was eating me inside. 

I soon started to realize that I was in a sort of comfort zone. I did have conflicts that I was avoiding. The more I avoided dealing with these conflicts, the more stressful life became. I kept drifting and still felt as if I was in control. I was limiting my joy and thought that I was in a state of content. It was an illusion. Do you feel this way?

Let us ask ourselves: Am I running away from conflicts at work, relationships, careers instead of solving them? Am I avoiding something such as a new job or transition to a new career so that I can always be in my comfort zone?

In this blog post, we’ll learn about:

  1. Why is it painful to be in your comfort zone?
  2. What is the definition of a comfort zone anyway?
  3. How does coaching transform your comfort zone?
  4. What are the 6 life lessons from the comfort zone?
  5. How to come out of this comfort zone? 
  6. Can we put the pieces of the ‘comfort zone puzzle’ together holistically – at a Mind, Body and Soul level?

Comfort Zone Question 1: Why is it painful to be in your comfort zone?

I was working with a client who was stressed; and binge-watching Netflix as a result. He enjoyed watching it very much. But after talking for a while, my client realized something that caused him a few breakthroughs. 

He immediately realized that he was avoiding something he always wanted to do. He was escaping from the life he wanted. He was procrastinating on the tasks and actions that he wanted to perform. But the laziness started to drown him into binge-watching Netflix. 

As the conversation moved forward, he had another breakthrough. He realized that he wanted to get up early but couldn’t. He had been sleeping late because he was watching TV until late hours. His lack or inadequate amount of sleep was another reason for stress.

Why was my client avoiding the tasks he needed to do and waking up late, sleeping late although he knew he was not going anywhere with it? Why was he repeatedly doing the same thing every day and expecting results? 

Photo by Gelatin on Pexels.com

The answer is that he was in his comfort zone. When we are in our comfort zone, we tend to get lazy, procrastinate, and think our life is going well. In fact, perfect. Interestingly, when we see others getting results, we then wonder why didn’t we get that?

We get what we deserve. Thinking otherwise is a form of self-delusion.  

So we tend to avoid conflicts by escaping them and watching TV, instead of doing something about them and achieve results. How can we live our lives miserably and wrongly call it a comfort zone?

Comfort Zone Question 2. What is the definition of a comfort zone anyway?

As per Wikipedia, “A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person, and they are at ease and (perceive they are) in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady level of performance is possible.” 

Above is a great practical definition as a start. But it leaves me wondering how we can remain in our comfort zone (that we worked so hard to build in our and around our life) and at the same time feel like we don’t belong to this planet? Shouldn’t we enjoy our life’s comfort zone? 

In other words, why is life feeling more and more meaningless? Why do we feel like a square in a peg hole? That we don’t want to work a 9-5 job with a haunting on-call schedule that keeps us up most of the time. Why is life becoming fast-paced, pushing us outside our comfort zone even after our many achievements? Did you signup for this type of life only?

The answer lies in the level of your awareness to your achievements, needs, and wanting for more and more. It simply never ends. 

Photo by Malte Luk on Pexels.com

So we need to have a balance and perform better, live better. And better does not mean fast-paced but a steady-contented paced.

So what characteristics do we need to have in a nutshell:

To live a love-based purpose-driven life full of passion, meaning, work fewer hours each day, meditate better, feel balanced, content, spend enough time with our loved ones, have an abundance of finances, and live joyfully doing meaningful work that evolves our level of consciousness and raises the vibrations within us and that of this planet. 

Wow! Now that is my new definition of a comfort zone. That is our big dream or a new comfort zone we want. To reach this zone, we need to be willing to take the necessary steps to live a love-based life. 

Comfort Zone Question 3. How does coaching transform your Comfort Zone?

Spiritual Life coaches help you move out of your ‘old’ comfort zone and find a ‘new’ comfort zone. They empower you to course-correct and grow in your dream direction positively.  

When you reach a plateau in your comfort zone, you start to grow in victim consciousness. Your narcissist ego triggers a negative inner dialogue that leads to low self-esteem and self-sabotage. 

As you remain in this state for extended periods, you start to develop less trust around people and mostly with yourself. Your beliefs, attitudes, and behavior reflect negatively. You feel trapped in your self-created old comfort zone prison. What a soul-crushing life!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

To break-free yourself from this old lifestyle, we have a Freedom Design coaching session. It helps with removing any roadblocks to your freedom and guides you towards attaining your goals, vision, and destination you are dreaming of with peace of mind. It is a mindset change that takes time as you are required to heal at various levels.

Comfort Zone Question 4. What are the 6 life lessons from the comfort zone?

Choosing to remain in your old comfort zone may come with a price. Here is a quick summary of the 6 lessons:

  1. Lesson #1: Ego makes you feel in control. It gives you a false sense of pride gift-wrapped in a ‘comfort’ color paper.
  2. Lesson #2: If things start to look and feel perfect without effort, it is time to change yourself.
  3. Lesson #3: Hold yourself accountable for your actions all the time. It’s your life.
  4. Lesson #4: You tend to feel comfortable being uncomfortable. It is a sign that you are not in alignment with your dharma or life purpose. It is time for a change.
  5. Lesson #5: You start to avoid conflicts, become an escapist, and are unwilling to change. It can lead to severe consequences in the form of physical and mental illnesses.
  6. Lesson #6: You start to feel bored, stressed, lazy, and out of place.

If you see such signposts, it is time to start coming out of your old comfort zone. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Comfort Zone Question 5. How to come out of this comfort zone? 

Here are some quick ways to help you move forward:

  1. Self-care: Detox your stress and fears
  2. Self-love: You are here to evolve as a soul. Love helps you evolve – Love what you do by doing what you love.
  3. Self-worth: Access your talents, skills, and be willing to grow. Remember that you are unique. No one is like you. You are priceless. 
  4. Discover yourself by doing a lot of inner work, and outer work. Find your life purpose and do what “feels” most meaningful to you.
  5. Take a hobby to the extreme – if you love journaling, try being a writer or a blogger; if you like to communicate, try being a public speaker.
  6. Explore different companies and industries for the same work.
  7. Explore different career options. 
  8. Discover your areas of passion. Find out what you are here to do on this Earth at this time of the century. Is the career conventional or unconventional? Will it matter if this was your last reincarnation on Earth?

It is a puzzle, a mystery to solve, in all honesty. Things will unfold in due time and with a lot of effort and soul searching. 

Photo by DreamLens Production on Pexels.com

Comfort Zone Question 6. Can we put the pieces of the ‘comfort zone puzzle’ together holistically – at a Mind, Body and Soul level?

There are many lessons to learn when: you are in a comfort zone, remain in your old comfort zone, or want to create a new comfort zone. The old comfort zone is a perfect place to rest and nest “against” our soul plan. 

“Old Comfort zones are puzzling as it clouds your vision, restricts you from your passion, and hampers your ability to take actions that lead you to a better and brighter future-you. It restricts your growth potential. The more you stay in your old comfort zone, the more unclear your life becomes moving forward. Try moving out of your way by removing the roadblocks that prevent you from finding your passion. Then move into your new comfort zone.”

Manprit Suri

The primary reason for our soul is to evolve. It evolves by learning life lessons – which is a bitter way to evolution. Once it reaches a tipping point, that is, when it has learned the lessons in its comfort zone, the soul wants to further evolve, instead of continuing to rest. The desire to rest is coming from the ego-mind. It doesn’t want the soul to evolve. It wants to keep it confined in that old comfort zone illusionary prison. 

When this happens, we start to lose our power since the force of our ego is in control. But you are still learning lessons on powerlessness. 

This fight between the soul and ego creates friction that causes various symptoms such as anxiety, fear, depression. It dips you in those oceans of lower vibrations. Here you learn the lessons of fear: fear of failure and fear of future causing procrastination. It is where your perfectionism lessons boil up to the surface. 

Perfectionism is a negative quality as you want a perfect life from an ego-mind which is an illusion. You cannot be confined to prison and feel good. So you cannot understand the calling of the soul. It is a mind trap. But you are learning the lesson of powerlessness, perfectionism, fear of failure, and procrastination as a result. 

Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com

Your mission is to snap out of it but don’t know-how due to emotional issues, attitudes, behaviors, and limiting beliefs. Your thoughts are also prisoned and are inside a mental ego box. 

So this imprisonment backfires by creating an urge to be free. Free from all this misery. Free from these blocks. Unless these blocks are freed, you cannot look clearly at the end of the tunnel. But what is at the end of the tunnel? What do you need to be free from? 

At the end of the tunnel is your soul – waiting for you to come out of your old comfort zone. It is calling you. To answer the calling of your soul, you follow the bread crumbs that it has already placed before. What are those bread crumbs?

When you reach the tipping point in your life, your feelings of meaninglessness and loss are one of the many first steps.

When you start to reason why this is happening, it is your next step.

Willing to finding answers to how am I and why am I here, what’s my passion, my purpose, and how I can achieve my big dreams; the next. 

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

The purpose behind coaching is to pull you out and clear of your tunnel and free it from the mental, social, and belief factors. It is the process of inner healing and emptying the cup. Doing so helps you see your vision clearly, and navigate the muddy waters of your life that became polluted while learning the various life lessons. 

It is a cleansing stage – where you start to increase your spiritual awareness and awaken spiritually. To trust the universe more, become bolder, and break free from unwanted conditioned desires.  

As you break free, you realize the game of life more clearly. You start to integrate the various spiritual lessons of letting go, trust, gratitude, being an authentic version of yourself, and continue to the high road like a hero, warrior, or an awakened person.

By this time, if you are trying to find a perfect time, date, place, career, then you’ll realize that nothing is perfect here now. You are to again move into a job for a short while, learn some lessons and then find new ones. But this play starts to become a little boring as an old soul. 

So you want to quit this world with a bang by being famous or even being of service to others. Whatever satisfies your soul. So you may start to teach people from your wisdom. 

One may start to coach others on navigating their life better – who are struggling in this 3-dimensional world. Perhaps teach how to do things that they love and are passionate with. You come out of your old comfort zone closet and move into your growing new comfort zone!

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

If you are in your same zone for some time, there is no willingness to move out of it due to resistance. It is because of the fear of failure and the thoughts that life is perfect when it is not. You are simply less willing to move forward in life. It is mere laziness. 

So does moving forward means more title and power? Moving forward does not mean more title and power. That should never be an aim as it is an ego playground with its sweet rewards.  

But if you are doing something out of love, passion, and compassion, then the success, titles, and fame runs after you. And, that’s the way to roll. It is the stage where you are in service to humanity and for the highest good for all. It is a reward from the higher consciousness and universal consciousness. 

Being of service is the highest form of achievement. Soul growth and evolution do not reside in the old comfort zone but a ‘new’ comfort zone.

In Conclusion

There is no conclusion to this ever-evolving and puzzling comfort zone riddle. If you feel uncomfortable being in an old comfort zone, then it’s time to move out of your fear-based life. To move into a love-based life, a new comfort zone is the next step.

If you feel comfortable being in a new comfort zone, stay there and willingly enjoy learning, reasoning, and fulfilling your big dreams, goals, and being of service to the highest good for all. Therein lies the answer to your passion and desire for a meaningful, purpose-driven love-based life. Live comfortably with a growth mindset.

The main purpose of this website is for you to live a love-based life and evolve your soul’s comfort zone. Please check out the service page and opt for FULL SPECTRUM coaching!

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

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6 Spiritual Lessons on Perfectionism

All old souls are struggling with the spiritual lesson of perfectionism. All Virgos are said to be a perfectionist. Starseeds, Lightworkers, INFJs, and even Enneagram type I are all said to be perfectionists.

I have always tried to be perfect in everything. I always felt a sense of pride in calling myself a perfectionist.

I wondered if: I should be earning this certification in 3 years? I should be in this career or be promoted in 1 year? I should have an A or a 100 score in a game?

I further thought: can I live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life now and not hurry with unrealistic timeframes?

I was starting to realize that I was running after material things and creating lower vibrations of fear, guilt, shame, and procrastination. I was awakening to realize that I was learning to understand my imperfections rather than being perfect.

Furthermore, what I thought to be “my” perfect timings with things whether it be events, projects or incidents were synchronicities in my destiny.

Upon shifting my perspective on what a perfect life entails, I had an awakening to a different meaning of perfectionism. This post has my 6 spiritual lessons on perfectionism:

  1. Enjoying the journey of being human
  2. Self-Love and Compassion
  3. Surrender to the flow
  4. Be willing and forgiving
  5. Realizing repeated patterns of imperfections
  6. Waking up to the purpose of human life

Spiritual lesson on Perfectionism #1: Enjoying the journey of being human

It is good to have goals. It is great to have a vision board to accomplish those goals.

But our goal or destination is not the only thing important. It is the journey that is more important. 

Destination in this case is in being a perfect human being or being the best-awakened version of yourself.

The journey, however, involves learning more life lessons to achieve that level of perfection. What more life lessons do we learn during the journey of being a perfect soul? 

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #2: Self-Love and Compassion

Compassion means loving ourselves when we are unable to achieve a certain task or even get to the goal at times. Self-compassion is a way to speak to our soul and connect with our inner guidance during difficult times of our lives. 

With compassion for ourselves, we cultivate a power full of love. This strengthens and helps us put in more effort without feeling defeated or depressed. This in turn gives way to the inner strength that fuels our vision towards success.

All the more, you feel an energetic push from the divine in the form of grace. 

When I felt a lot of negative emotions, I used to play the blame game towards my circumstances, people, and environment. To top it off, I then waited for His grace to fall on my lap.

This was an imperfect way of fighting the ego-mind. Why? A more loving heart full of compassion for yourself is required to extinguish the fire of negativity.

With self-love and compassion, you become a reservoir for His grace and the equation becomes perfect!

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #3: Surrender to the flow

The problems in our lives start to occur when we start to resist. When we need more help and guidance, we need to put in our best effort and then open our arms and surrender to the flow of events. 

Instead, we resist by putting our minds into a negative thought pattern. How? By saying, “we cannot make it to the finish line” or “we don’t deserve this” or something along these lines. We start to develop victim consciousness.

Passing negative judgments about ourselves is comparable to closing our arms and stopping ourselves from receiving the divine grace and everything else that comes along with it in the form of blessings, resources, support, help, and everything positive. 

When we truly learn the art of surrender, the universe brings a lot of abundance and wealth into our lives. This system of giving from the universe is perfect only if you stop resisting and truly surrender.

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #4: Be willing and forgiving

So what should be the first step? Be willing. Be willing to be willing. Be willing to receive from the universe all the resources, support, and divine grace. How can one be willing to do so? 

The answer is forgiveness. Forgive yourself if you cannot attain a goal and or failed miserably. Just learn to forgive yourself for the failures. Just be willing to learn from them and move on. 

When I failed in my endeavors, I would simply shrink inside with some sort of guilt for not being perfect. After I started forgiving myself by repeating positive affirmations and saying to myself: I am a perfect soul and I am love; I started to have a breakthrough.

This gave me hope and willpower to forgive, forget and move forward in life. So be willing to forgive yourself and move on. 

Perhaps it was not meant to happen and for good reasons. It is important what you learned from it. Perhaps, assess the skill level, knowledge level, time duration, intention, attention, and resources required to accomplish that goal.

Just course correct and find another goal and move on. Stop saying that you are not worth it or not perfect.

Think of it as a great learning lesson for the next time. Willingly accept defeat only to rise again to try again with fewer imperfections than before!

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #5: Realizing repeated patterns of imperfections

If you see repeated patterns of failure, then there is a possibility that success is not a requirement. But the journey you are traveling is – an important lesson I easily missed in my life before!

You may be required to go through this journey and the lesson was not to be perfect but to see what happens when you are trying to be imperfect. 

When we are in a repeated pattern of failure, we are simply being allowed to learn those lessons that we are trying to master in this life. It is a mark of a courageous soul on its Hero’s journey.

So if you learned all the lessons from experiencing what it feels to be in an imperfect journey, then you have completely perfected your lesson! 

Spiritual Lesson on Perfectionism #6: Waking up to the purpose of human life

The purpose of human life is to expand our level of consciousness through different life lessons and merge back to the universal consciousness.

If we were perfect, we wouldn’t be growing consciously and spiritually through these life lessons. So we are on a perfectly imperfect journey.

To wake up to your highest purpose in life involves waking up your soul. Waking up spiritually.

Spiritual awakening can occur when you have a high probability of perfecting your lessons in your lowest vibrational frequencies. 

By perfectly hitting your consciousness from rock bottom or ground zero, you’ll experience a quantum shift and leap in your level of consciousness to new heights.

It is a perfectly orchestrated lesson plan by the Source to bring us back to our true home – the land of a perfectionist.

In Conclusion

Being a perfectionist does not involve running after material things that inflate our ego and force us to create lower vibrations of fear, guilt, shame, and procrastination.

A perfectionist being is one who is the best-awakened version of himself.

This requires learning 6 spiritual lessons: understanding how to enjoy the journey of being human, cultivating within a power full of self-love and compassion to become the reservoir of His grace, learning to stop resisting and truly surrender, willing to forgive oneself and move on, courageously recognizing your repeated patterns of imperfections and spiritually waking up to recognize the purpose of human life. 

Traveling through this Hero’s journey, a perfectly orchestrated lesson plan by the Source to bring us back to our true home – the land of a perfectionist, is the mark and work of a perfect, loving, and courageous soul! You! 

Image courtesy : Pexels & Other Freelance Photographers

3 Checks and Change: Examine Your Life For Lessons Now

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

The Buddha

Let us examine our life now. We are rapidly progressing more and more in all areas of advancements – big computerized houses, robots, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, auto-driven cars, etc.

But then we are also growing in dis-eases with challenging mindsets, exceedingly high egos, mindless attitudes, overwhelming comparisons, thankless attitudes and so on.

Photo by Alex Knight on Pexels.com

Quest for more is not quenched even during the final days as advanced booking for the most desired funeral is opted for to show-off a very fancy style death.

The person at the death bed is choosing to sleep in his coffin with a gold chain and ample of gold coins in his hands in the hopes of taking that precious hard-earned worth to play with after death. It is still time to perform 3 checks and change in your life!

Check and Change #1: Examine your life

We are accumulating infinite worth to live a finite number of breaths. Simply put, we don’t need that much. Do you see the lesson here? A perfect example is of a King named Alexander the Great. He won all the battles and all the riches of his lifetime. But eventually felt all this to be meaningless.

So he wanted to show the world that there is no need or end to this craving. After his death, his both hands were empty, outside the coffin to teach us a lesson that you will eventually leave empty-handed.

That was then and this is now – where people are still in hopes and are still living mindlessly and organizing fancy deaths. So spiritual lesson is of desire for more but what are we trying to achieve eventually?

Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

Check and Change #2: More is less and less is more

What are we trying to achieve? Happiness? If you are not happy now, then you will not be happy later. Besides, with some material gains, we can be happy now but that momently happiness or excitement will leave you empty after a short period of time. This applies to all areas of life: wealth, health, relationships, and career.

What we are trying to achieve is a state of peace and contentment. That state of being. Just being in that present moment. Being able to do more with less.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

According to Pareto’s 80/20 principle, we just need that 20% of things in life that will give us 80% of that state of peace and contentment. We are currently running after 80% of things that are giving us only 20% of satisfaction. In turn, causing all sorts of energy drainage in the form of depression, anxiety, fear of all sorts.

Check and Change #3: Energy drainage is a dis-ease with a message

We are running our lives in a state of dis-ease instead of ease. It is a state of mental disorder. We have become more depressed which is a sign from the universe at an emotional level.

This is a form of negative energy that is invading your aura to teach you something. It is a lower level vibration that is trying to say something to you. There is a hidden encrypted message.

If you are trying to achieve something in life and you are not able to, then you may keep trying. But if you are seeing a repeated pattern of failure and getting deeply depressed, then witness it as the first step and understand that some change is required.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

People are instead turning towards change to end their life and commit suicide. It is a time to step-up but in a different direction. Use your free-will instead of exiting from your free-will. Examine your life.

Perhaps, your soul is growing exceedingly and your material mind is not able to catch up or accept this change or simply not decipher this encrypted message.

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to witness these alerts from the universe? Are you willing to read what the message contains for you? Reflecting on these questions will help you put your mind from a mindless to a mindful state of existence.


Examine your life now. Check to see if it requires change. Check and change your habit by applying Pareto’s 80/20 principle. Find the message in those areas that are causing your energy to drain. Reflect on the three checks and change in every way and every day.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

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12 Spiritual Life Lessons For Soul Growth

“You know you have mastered a soul lesson when the circumstance has not changed, but the way you respond has. This is true energy self mastery.”

Vibrational Medicine

Our soul grows spiritually by exploring numerous life lessons one after another. Day in and day out you are challenging yourself unconsciously to grow. But are you aware of these life lessons?

Soul growth comes from learning, applying, changing; and then questioning why we are doing what we are doing. When we start to question our own life, its purpose, environment, relationships, careers, circumstances, the very stories we are living, then we start to awaken spiritually.

Spiritual Awakening is a very gradual process and occurs when you understand what lessons you are learning and pass those tests in life. Your worst triggers are your best lessons in life. Every pain is here to teach you a lesson. I have posted some additional lessons here. Should I leave my job during Spiritual Awakening? and 5 Questions on Synchronicity: Universe’s real-time alert notification

As an example, if you are stuck in your comfort zone or the daily grind, then the lesson is to assert your courage, willpower, and enthusiasm to come out of it. Do not repress your feelings due to fear of change. The lesson is to gain mastery and evolve by taking that leap of faith, taking that bold “first step” to move past that hurdle. Whether it is feeling stuck in a limited belief pattern related to career, relationships, money, personality, environment, or any arena of life you choose to play the game and learn lessons from in your human suit!

Ask yourself each time: what spiritual lesson my soul is learning from the specific circumstance I’m in. Try answering these questions below as food for thought. These 12 spiritual life lesson questions for soul growth will help as a start.

Spiritual Life Lesson #1: Perfectionism

Am I trying to be perfect? I should be earning this certification in 3 years? I should be in this career or be promoted in 1 year? I should have an A or a 100 score in a game? Can you forgive yourself if you are unable to achieve perfection? Can you live a more meaningful, balanced, and peaceful life now and not hurry with unrealistic timeframes?

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Spiritual Life lesson #2: Avoiding conflicts

Am I running away from conflicts at work, relationships, careers instead of solving them? Am I avoiding something such as a new job or transition to a new career so that I can always be in my comfort zone? Facing your worse fears can teach you much more than running away from them. Step out of your comfort zone and do something non-career related to start with.

Spiritual Life Lesson #3: Worrying about your image

Am I tall, short, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, pretty, handsome, rich, poor? Am I INFJ or other MBTI type, Old soul, Wanderer, HSP or highly sensitive person, Empath? Am I having any limiting beliefs about myself inside or out? Am I an image worrier! Talk yourself into appreciating yourself often. Love yourself. You were, are, and will be what you fear most. Stop worrying and enjoy the human journey.

Spiritual Life Lesson #4: Let go, surrender, contentment, peace, and love

Am I holding onto something like a desire, thought, resentment, regret, emotion, or a physical object? Am I content, peaceful, and loving my life right now? The more you start loving something or someone, the more you will start letting it go. To find contentment and peace, just surrender and watch how the magical event unfolds.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #5: I’m not worthy or good enough

Am I not worthy of being rich? Am I not worthy of that promotion? Am I not good enough to be receiving abundance in the form of love, relationships, health, wealth? Being worthy is a choice that needs an inner voice. Your inner voice. Think and you will be worthy and it is good enough.

Spiritual Life Lesson #6: Rich people are bad people

Am I limiting my belief that rich people are inherently bad and I should therefore not be rich? Am I limiting my belief that money is bad? Money is a neutral tool. Utilize money in doing good deeds, open a charity or donation center, and simply be a good human being. Many rich people do that.

Spiritual Life Lesson #7: Comparison

Am I comparing myself to someone or something? Am I buying something just because another person has it? Am I comparing myself with my colleagues and or friends? Am I as successful as my neighbor?

Comparison creates shame, guilt, fear, depression, anxiety, stress, and possible death of your self-love inside or a loved one outside. 

Mindless comparison never ends until you end it. It brings you down to a negative and the lowest level of human consciousness.

Just remember that you are a unique eternal soul on a unique journey with a unique set of karmas. You came to earth school with enough life lessons to learn of your own. Just remember to do your classwork or homework without copying or comparing other’s work. 

Spiritual Life Lesson #8: Analysis Paralysis

Am I analyzing too many thoughts and going nowhere? Am I analyzing too many situations and not able to come up with a solution leading to not being able to meet any goals in a few days, months, or even years? When you are unable to stop overwhelming thoughts, just take a breather.

Spiritual Life Lesson #9: Learning to receive or give

Am I willing to receive as much as I’m willing to give and vice-versa? Am I stopping myself and blocking my success when the universe is giving me in abundance? There will be times when your good deeds will come to an end, and the bad ones too. Sometimes it is hard to give but it is equally hard to receive if you are being too humble. Be willing to accept the abundance that is coming your way.

Spiritual Life Lesson #10: Gratitude

Am I thanking enough and daily? Am I giving enough credit to myself and the source for all the good that is happening around me? An attitude of gratitude brings love, compassion, contentment, and peace by slowly eliminating anxiety, fear of the unknown, depression, comparison and analysis/paralysis.

In turn, gratitude brings your mind to a state of being – in the present moment – one of the most powerful states to operate at this physical three-dimensional density. Just be willing to give thanks and you will witness wonders.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #11: Depression, Anxiety or Fear of Unknown

Am I living a life in fear of the unknown without any reason? Am I in a constant state of fear feeling as if I have an exam tomorrow and I’m not prepared for it? Am I anxious to know what lies tomorrow and depressed as a result? Am I living in a state of suppressing my desires whether it be life or death?

If you are in this state currently, then it is time you examine your life very deeply. These are signs that you are now required to raise your vibrations. You can do that by being grateful for what you have and start by examining your life.

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Spiritual Life Lesson #12: I know or Willingness to listen

Do you realize that your ego prevents you from the willingness to know more when you say, “I know”? Did you say, “I know what these 12 spiritual life lessons are while you were reading them”?

Did you catch the deep hidden messages and realize that these spiritual lessons tend to change your level of consciousness and raise the vibrations of this planet? If not, then be willing to learn, check, and change yourself. It is best to remain silent if you know and just listen anyway.

But what if you really know? Then, exercise patience. Recognize that it is a test of patience. Are you willing to be patient? Maybe it is time to breathe and your lesson is to be willing to accept just that – be patient.

So a willing attitude changes us instantaneously from a negative pride-state of inflated ego to an optimistic positive-state of being. With constant and consistent practice it will ultimately bring you to a higher state of consciousness i.e. peace.


In conclusion, we learned there are various spiritual life lessons to learn and grow from. The aforementioned series of questions can help guide you as to where your lessons can be found whether it be a career, relationships, health, etc. Doing so helps us steer our life towards being in our desired state -long term happiness. This implies being contented with life and being at peace.

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