“A conscious artist can find meaning in life by sharing their gifts of creativity in any form or shape. Such a play magnitizes the artist’s aura.” – Manprit Suri

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eBook:4 Simple Steps for Daily Gratitude – Exercise for any soul age

Gratitude writing has been the most positive step in my personal development. After a year-long self-study of writing thank you’s I have experienced a holistic transformation inside and out.

So are you willing to transform? Are you willing to write? If yes, then here is a free exercise for you!

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eBook:10 Spiritual Awakening Realizations

Spiritual awakening is our soul’s beautiful journey through many magical realizations. As our soul awakens, we realize that we are not the body. But something more. A more high vibrational being similar to the Source.

A deep pain of separation is felt from the Source. We long for the Source and have a nagging urge to go back home. We soon realize that we are sent here for a purpose. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

What more does one realize during a spiritual awakening? There are 10 realizations that we’ll go over in this ebook.

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