Frequently Asked Questions

Why take this Hero journey?

We need to be in the daily habit of crediting the creator. We never do it. Instead, we live our lives passively and ungratefully.

We do remember to keep wishing we had more. So we spend much of our time desiring more. Our life is geared more towards manifesting something or the other without giving any thought to what we already have. We increase our debt by living mindlessly and buying stuff we don’t even need.

This is your Hero Journey!

As a result, we also tend to create a mental and emotional state of debt to ourselves. Such debts manifest in the form of constant fear, anxiety, and depression. It is now a big problem that has become unmanageable.

It is wise to acknowledge and accept the fact that we don’t really need to manifest because we don’t know what is good for us. But we must learn to appreciate and be grateful for what has been given to us. This is the whole problem.

We lack gratefulness in our hearts and we need to increase this capacity to give thanks. We need to solve this problem. We must overcome this challenge.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

But we cannot eliminate fear by feeding more fear. You cannot eliminate anxiety or depression with more anxiety and depression. So what is the solution?

“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle”

Benjamin Franklin

Instead of cursing the darkness by saying: I’m depressed, I have anxiety, I’m fearful, I’m not worthy, etc. we need a solution at a different level. Light a candle.

How do we light a candle? Through Self-care, Self-love, and Self-worth. All these are the initial steps to lighting the candle.

Tiny steps to caring for yourself, loving yourself, and knowing your worth are those sparks that will light the candle within you. I like to call these – THE SPARKS OF GRATITUDE!

All these sparks in darkness will light the candle of gratitude which will extinguish the darkness within. This is a challenge but a mission that is possible. You just need to start by looking at your life through the lens of gratitude.

With the lens of gratitude, you change your attitude. You become a reservoir for receiving more positivity. You start to ground those positive energies that will help you heal, feel better and increase your level of awareness of yourself.

As your focus changes from a fear-based life to a more love-based life, you will start to feel a shift. A shift in your mindset. This is known as a breakthrough. A transformation within. A true authentic feeling comes from the soul.

You’ll start to feel better. Feel more peaceful. More grateful. More loving. More joyful. Life will feel more meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose-driven.

As you continue this challenge throughout your life, in spite of the ups and downs, you will create massive shifts which will create abundance and wealth in your relationships, health, and overall wellbeing. You will start to surrender to the flow of events, and let go of negativity in all areas of life.

However, note that before a breakthrough, you will experience a breakdown. Things in life will tend to fall apart. You may feel more depressed or a negative shift will occur that will create more resistance in your life towards achieving the goal you have set out for.

But that is a good thing. You have to fight these battles, these feelings recognizing them as tests and lessons to learn and grow from. You may feel a lot of resistance and will want to quit in the middle of the challenge.

That is when you must be determined and do the exercises and duties that you had set out for and promised to change yourself inside and out. It is a challenge you must complete and not back down. You must not quit.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win

Vince Lombardi

There are no quitters, no losers in life. These hurdles are there to make you strong, not to break you. Learn from your failures and you will become stronger and grow in gratitude. So be positive, stay positive.

I always empower my kids to remember that in life, circumstances, tests, sports, competitions, etc. always think first that YOU are already a winner, YOU just have to show it now. So here is your mantra,

“I am already a winner of this 21 day challenge. I just have to show it!”

Manprit Suri

Complete your daily rituals. Integrate these life lessons of self-care, self-love and self-worth into your daily lives. During small wins, consider small celebrations; and during big wins, set out to do what makes you feel great to do. You will learn a lot from this challenge.

Are you willing to begin? Are you willing to be willing? Do you have the will power? Do you have the conscious energy to focus and raise your vibrations?

Then set your vision for success, set your intentions, and enjoy the journey.

Remember that You are on a Hero’s journey. You are the Hero. You are a brave, courageous soul. So stay grounded, experience the transformation, and grow in gratitude!

What makes this program unique? How will it benefit me?

This program offers a spectrum of learning engagements that create powerful transformations for your mind, body, and soul. Some of the exercises include:

1. Grounding in Gratitude daily

2. Let go and surrender to the divine

3. Raising your vibes

4. Clearing negative energy

5. Increasing self-love, self-care, and self-worth

6. Leading a balanced, fulfilled, and successful life

7. Understanding and appreciating life lessons

8. Learning to create inner peace and harmony inside so you can radiate peace and harmony outside

Ready. Challenge. Celebrate!