“Not just live and let live…but live and HELP live”

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to be the best

version of yourself!

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Freedom from Roadblocks in relationships, money, career and life:

  • Are you struggling from burnout, meaninglessness, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, victim consciousness, toxic relationships, negative inner dialogue that causes stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown, and depression?
  • This coaching will help you navigate through your:
    1. Spiritual Awakening journey and the dark night of the soul experience, or
    2. Life and Soul purpose discovery and what to expect in your journey, or
    3. Career transition and understanding your life lessons to help you move forward in life, or
    4. Spiritual Life Coach journey and help with questions on becoming a coach, or
    5. Meditation practices and provide you with tools for peace, harmony, and balance.

ONE SESSION – 1 hour

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Uncover and achieve BIG DREAMS – what you truly want in life:

  • Are you struggling from repeated patterns of failure in achieving your goals, plans and visions? Is perfectionism stopping you from moving forward or leading to procrastination?
  • This coaching will benefit you if you want to:
    1. Learn to set intentions, affirmations, create a VISION PLAN to achieve your big dreams in life.
    2. Start a 21 Day challenge or a mission.
    3. Double your productivity and finish what you start.
    4. Learn to take small steps towards your goals with more clarity and purpose.
    5. Achieve success with rock solid absolute accountability.
    6. Increase your focus, awareness, attention and decrease your distractions.

THREE SESSIONS – 1 Hour/Session



Live an Awakened, meaningful, BALANCED life full of passion and purpose:

  • Are you struggling with finding balance in various areas of life at a mind, body, soul levels?
  • This coaching with benefit you if you want to:
    1. Understand life at a deeper level and achieve peace and success holistically.
    2. Decondition the lower-level vibrations and create more happiness.
    3. Raise your level of awareness, consciousness and vibrations by learning about the functioning of your soul.
    4. Receive intuitive guidance in your spiritual awakening journey.
  • Incorporates Freedom Design AND Spiritual Life coaching

EIGHT SESSIONS – 1 Hour/Session – 3 Sessions/month maximum